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Cedric Bail
Leandro A.F. Pereira
Day Sunday
Room Lameere
Capacity 500
Start time 15:00
End time 16:00
Duration 01:00
Track Embedded devroom

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries - for developing shiny, fast, and light applications on embedded targets.

Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, the toolkit developed for the long awaited Window Manager E17, are now reaching 1.0. This means API and ABI stability as well as long term support for your applications. This set of libraries enables you to develop new kinds of application that really look the way the designer/artist wants by taking advantage of all your hardware capabilities. The Enlightenment team is highly focused on performance, memory consumption, and portability while still providing the best graphics possible. This combination makes the EFL toolkit the best toolkit for embedded applications such as media players, small games, custom UIs, etc. The goal of this presentation is to describe all the tools which the EFL provide, how you can use them to write you own embedded UI, and what kinds of hardware/OSes are currently supported by the EFL.

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