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Keysigning and CAcert Assurance

Web of Trust

PGP public key and CAcert certificate identification are based on multiple (the more the better) people doing an identification check against official identity documents such as driving permits, passports, national identity cards, etc.: the Web of Trustworthy. The Web of Trust is a reciprocal process: people identify themselves to each other.

The "keysigning party" is essential to strengthen the Web of Trust and keep the security technique open and freely available.

Like previous years, there will be a PGP key signing and CAcert assurance party at FOSDEM 2011.

PGP Keysigning

If you participated in the keysigning event at FOSDEM 2011, but missed (parts of) the participant list hashes as they flashed by during the starting presentation, you should verify the hashes before signing any keys.

The hashes can now be downloaded from If there is a trust-path between you and the author, you should verify the file's detached signature using:

% gpg --verify ksp-fosdem2011_hashes.txt.asc ksp-fosdem2011_hashes.txt

Please complete your signing homework before Sunday 5 June 2011, and upload new signatures on your keys to a well-connected keyserver. New statistics of the density of the web of trust at FOSDEM will be published on that date.

Submission / Web of Trust Graphs

During the submission period, graphs have been generated of the density of the web of trust and the rate at which keys are being submitted. You can find these graphs at:

CAcert Assurance

Like previous years, participants can get assurances for their CAcert account to issue certificates valid for two years. For the assurance you will need at least one piece of official goverment-issued photo identification.

To participate in the CAcert assurance program, you need to register an account on the CAcert website and download the CAcert Certificate Assurance Programme (CAP) form.

You will need a completed form for every assurance. It is recommended to bring at least ten printed forms with you.