FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.


Free Java devroom

Rooms: AW1.125
Saturday 2011-02-05
Event Speaker Room When
Welcome to Java Sans Frontières Tom Marble AW1.125 13:00-13:10
State of OpenJDK Mark Reinhold Joe Darcy AW1.125 13:10-14:00
IcedRobot: The GNUlization of Android David Fu Mario Torre AW1.125 14:00-14:30
Why Linux Distributions Hate Java Thierry Carrez AW1.125 15:00-15:20
The Java Packaging Nightmare Torsten Werner AW1.125 15:20-15:40
Guide to Packaging for Developers Stanislav Ochotnicky AW1.125 15:40-16:00
What Makes IcedTea Tick? Mark Wielaard AW1.125 16:25-16:30
What in the World Is This 'IcedTea-Web' Project? Deepak Bhole AW1.125 16:30-17:00
The Free JavaWS Implementation in IcedTea-Web Omair Majid AW1.125 17:00-17:30
Lessons Open Sourcing Java Taught Me Simon Phipps AW1.125 18:00-18:30
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Java Steve O'Grady AW1.125 18:30-19:00
Sunday 2011-02-06
Event Speaker Room When
The Free Java Jigsaw Puzzle Tom Marble AW1.125 09:30-10:00
The Modular Java Platform Mark Reinhold AW1.125 10:00-10:30
Project Coin Joe Darcy AW1.125 10:30-11:15
Observing HotSpot with SystemTap Mark Wielaard AW1.125 11:30-12:00
JamVM Gets a New Flavour Robert Lougher AW1.125 12:00-12:30
IndyDroid Rémi Forax AW1.125 12:30-13:00
Azul's Foray into Open Source Cliff Click AW1.125 13:30-14:00
Free Java Ben Evans Martijn Verburg AW1.125 14:00-14:30
PHP.reboot Rémi Forax AW1.125 14:30-15:00
Rhino and RingoJS Hannes Wallnöfer AW1.125 15:30-16:00
AltosUI Bdale Garbee AW1.125 16:00-16:30
Low latency in Gervill and JavaSound Karl Helgason AW1.125 16:30-16:55
Garbage Collection Tom Marble AW1.125 16:55-17:00