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10:30 Welcome to FOSDEM 2013
11:00 How we made the Jenkins community QEMU USB status report 2012 Rockbuild The neat guide to Fedora RPM Packaging LinuxonAndroid and SlapOS on Android Wayland for Application Developers Metaphor and BDD XMPP 101 Storytelling FLOSS Welcome and Introduction The room open() process Scripting Apache OpenOffice: Introductory Nutshell Programs (Writer, Calc, Impress) Welcome to the Perl dev-room The web is the platform Welcome to the Legal Policy and Issues DevRoom Using overlays in Weston with atomic page flip. Welcome and introduction to the devroom How Google builds web services The State of OpenJDK Intro to Chef, Puppet and CFEngine
  Inheritance versus Roles Compliance Panel
  Debian Med
11:15 Signal/Collect: Processing Large Graphs in Seconds
  The GNU/Hurd architecture, nifty features, and latest news
  An Interactive Survey
11:30 CRIU: Checkpoint and Restore (mostly) In Userspace FirefoxOS: Port it… Build it… Flash it… Atomic page flip and mode setting Orthanc
  OpenJDK7u, progress and highlights
11:45 Ubuntu Online Accounts for application developers
  Automating OpenStack Testing on Ubuntu Messaging for Free Software Groups and Projects Simplifying Scalable Graph Processing using a Domain-Specific Language Two Factor Authentication in Perl with Google Authenticator AMEBA
12:00 The Devil is in the Details Vtrill: Rbridges for Virtual Networking PTXdist Building RPM packages from Git repositories with git-buildpackage Emdedded distro shootout: buildroot vs. Debian Stump the Experts! New possibilities with DrawObjects in the next version of Apache OpenOffice Looking for heroes: Start writing code for Firefox today! What is a derivative work under European Copyright Law? drm/i915 updates Using Beanstalkd to spread the work of your PHP application
  Every cloud has a silver lining and what we can learn from it
  Better software through user research Packaging mass spectrometry software in Debian
12:15 Using Personas to Target Users Evolutionary Algorithms in Perl
  An in-depth discussion of the Neo4j HA architecture
12:30 Bringing Xen to CentOS-6 XMPP for Pythonistas Open Sourcing Documentation The Open Chemistry Project (R)evolution of Java packaging in Linux
  Sketching interactions BDD for Mobile using Calabash Wins and FLOSSes Rathaxes - A DSL for device driver development, why and how? What's new in Perl 5.16 & 5.18
12:45 Creating dictionaries for Apache OpenOffice and maintaining them through web services
  ZIO: a framework for high capacity I/O
13:00 The Open Observatory of Network Interference Porting Fedora to 64-bit ARM systems Coding Goûter A brief tutorial on Xen's advanced security features Guacamayo -- Building Multimedia Appliance with Yocto Package management and creation in Gentoo Linux ARM v7 State of the Body Building your own personal cloud using XMPP FOSS code goes in and never comes out DRI-next/DRM2: A walk through the Linux Graphics stack and its security. What’s wrong with php?
  Coping with the proliferation of tools within your community Things We Love and Hate About Perl @ Tevreden.nl
  How to mature a 20 years old Scotch
  Spoiling and Counter-spoiling
13:30 oVirt Live Storage Migration - Under the Hood Modern CMake How MediaWiki is tested XMPP and JSON Storing and traversing large graphs in ArangoDB Mozilla and Mr. and Mrs Average G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic Image Converter) PHPUnit Best Practices
  ZONE: towards a better news feed
  Project Management in Distributed Open Source Communities Perl 6: Dude, where's my flying car? Mezurit 2
14:00 Practical Security for developers, using OWASP ZAP The Anykernel and Rump Kernels Arduino: from prototype to final product Automated OS installation? That's easy! Baserock Embedded Linux - an introduction Eudev Securing BOSH Applications OS Hot Topics Uncommon ways to use Apache OpenOffice macros for the management of large construction projects LPI Exam Session 1 BSDCG Exam Session An Integrated Localization Environment Replacing CONFIG_VT/Linux-Console TYPO3 Flow and the Joy of Development Porting OpenJDK to AArch64 Learning to Automate
  FluxGraph: A time-machine for your graphs
  odeint - Solving ODEs in C++
14:15 Lean Innovation What I Learned from the Perl community - Good & Bad from a Java hacker
  Searduino - Arduino simulator and C/C++ devel environment LNST - Automated and Portable Network Tests
14:30 oVirt SLA- MoM as host level enforcement agent openSUSE on ARM GStreamer multimedia framework: what’s new? Creating New Custom Shapes in Apache OpenOffice Firefox for Android: Now and the Future Solving ODEs with Cuda/OpenCL
  Vehicular traffic estimation through bluetooth Community Organizing for Free Software Activists The Linked Data Benchmark Council - LDBC Automating Firefox with MozRepl, AnyEvent and Coro
14:45 Reaching puberty - How Genode is becoming a general-purpose OS
  Scilab: from research to the industry Power to the people - the OpenJDK PowerPC/AIX port
15:00 Keccak, More Than Just SHA3SUM Open ARM GPU drivers The C2 programming language Ganeti 2.7 and beyond QML Mobile Application Development - Showcase on Jolla Sailfish OS GNOME Jabber/XMPP Lightning Talks Profiling your Firefox performance issues Should We Embrace App Stores? GPU hardware detection for automatic configuration of game quality/performance settings. Nginx and PHP, match made in heaven Using Ruby Testing Frameworks to bring sanity to your infrastructure
  Managing evolution for exciting teams and communities
  Scale your Jenkins build pipeline automatically to minimize test time
15:15 A Neo4j powered social networking and Question & Answer application to enhance scientific communication Apache OpenOffice: The Task Pane Adventure
  A high level language for low level code
  Perl, your RDBMS, and you - Focus on the Perl module DBIx::Class
15:30 oVirt introduction lmonade ARMv8, ARM’s new architecture including 64-bit XMPP as Middleware? Bandit Tests Microkernels and You - long path of the small project IonMonkey: Yet Another JIT Compiler for JavaScript? X.Org community: Health, metrics, and GSoC
  Cloudeebus Return of the Shark
15:45 Tips and Tricks for Extension Developers for Apache OpenOffice
  Flexible graph querying using the Flex-It querying language
  Community Management in Meat Space
16:00 Trends in Open Source Security ARM support in the Linux kernel The LLVMLinux Project oVirt and GlusterFS integration Hands-on DLNA A Continuous Packaging Pipeline Simple Video Bridge Control for Lightweight Video Conferencing with Jitsi LPI Exam Session 2 WebRTC: real time web communication How to Share a Trademark The future of X.org on non-Linux systems. Apache Commons Math Welcome to the Symfony2 World Automating Security Policies, from deployment to auditing using Rudder
  HelenOS: last year at a glance
16:15 Razor-qt Squire: A polyglot application combining Neo4j, MongoDB, Ruby and Scala
  blkreplay Fostering libre software from the university High performance streaming data processing A Research Platform for Java and Other (Crazy?) Ideas
16:30 Xen Orchestra: A new Web UI for XCP Gentoo Hardened Bootstrapping Debian-based distributions for new architectures Challenges in XMPP and SIP interoperability Automating Firefox OS Declarative style GUI programming
  Tracy State of the kit Growing GNOME’s Community Automated detection and classification of transients in the radio spectrum
16:45 The NOVA Microhypervisor Interface Perl/NoSQL, with a particular focus on MongoDB
  DevOps with Jenkins Mining Social Data
17:00 How to build an Identity Management System on Linux Maintaining a kernel subsystem pystemon Beyond Xen: A look into the Xen Cloud Platform libdmclient, an open source implementation of OMA-DM Bootstrapping the Debian/Ubuntu arm64 ports. QML’s many faces Session Mobility using XMPP Bringing data science to community management Hacking Apache OpenOffice: how to start, and the next challenges PDF.js - Firefox’s HTML5 PDF Viewer Mozilla: Licensing In The Trenches Freedreno/Gallium update EasyBuild PHP Extension Writing Engineering Resilient Systems through Cross-Disciplinary Insight
  What Java Can Learn from the Rise of JavaScript?
17:15 What's Our Status
  Crypto.cat Make free science free
  Community at Scale Explore and visualize graphs with sigma.js
17:30 Supporting and Using EC2/CIMI on top of Cloud Environments Hardening roundtable Massive service discovery for webinos and M2M Romain: OS Support for Replicating Binary Applications Moving the Needle: business efficiency for developers Changesets evolution with Mercurial Opening up the Mali 200/400 Instruction Set Architecture
  Fipes Building, testing and deploying mobile apps with Jenkins & friends OpenMOLE
17:45 Introduction to C++11 and its use inside Qt Programming Apache OpenOffice: The Universal Network Object (UNO) Framework
  Combining Open Source ethics with private interests A New OSI For A New Era
  Real Life Perl or Glueing the Pieces together
18:00 Protocols Are Everywhere: RE with Netzob Evolving Xen Paravirtualization Using codebender as an IDE for Arduino and other embedded devices Gentoo BoF Debian Med - a Debian Pure Blends for medical care and microbiological research XMPP Visualization Tools Lessons Learned from Building a CMS based on Neo4j Improving Stability of Mozilla Products Panel Discussion: GNU Affero General Public License, version 3 Tegra-DRM/OpenTegra status report ClimatePrediction.net
  Jenkins Developer Meetup and Birthday Toast
  Assholes are killing your project
18:15 Panel discussion
  BIND 10: DNS by Cooperating Processes Object Relational Mapping Libraries for XMPP Perl's Diaspora: Perl 5, Moe, Rakudo, Niecza, Perlito Software as Science
  OpenJDK Governing Board Q&A
18:30 Using Foreman from the oVirt-engine Administrator UI The room shutdown() process Web and online privacy Wayland Input Methods
  Open Source Community Metrics
  naxsi, an open-source web application firewall for nginx Why File Information Sharing is So Freaking Awesome Lightning Talks Open Discussion