Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Jenkins Developer Meetup and Birthday Toast

Collaborative meeting between Jenkins developers and potential contributors to discuss the project. Since it's Jenkins' second birthday, we'll also have as birthday toast!

The last year, we had an informal gathering of developers in a cafeteria to discuss the next steps in the UI enhancements. It was a great use of the face-to-face time, and it drove the next few months for development and produced concrete results. I'd like to do the same this year, but in more comfortable environment. So I'm proposing that as a "talk."

This is not going to be in a standard presentation format, where one person talks and others listen. Instead, this is meant to be a conversation between the Jenkins developers that are present (as well as those who are interested in becoming the contributors.) To structure an hour, we'll pick a topic or two well in advance and ask people to bring mini-presentations, if it helps. I need to discuss this with the community for exactly what those topics are, but ones I'm thinking about are:

  • UI improvement round 2 Review of what hasn't been done in round 1, some of the current stalled efforts, and re-prioritize what to work on in 2013 (and hopefully solicit volunteers.)

  • Mobile and CI, state of union Many of the developers of the key Jenkins plugins for mobile development will be in FOSDEM. I'd like to put them all in one room, among users, and have them go wild about what should be possible, and where the missing links are. We'd like to discuss what the core can do, or what the vendors (such as Google and Apple) should be doing, and who knows, maybe they might listen!

  • Automating Jenkins QA The Jenkins user community survey revealed that the quality and bug fixes is the most important priority for users. We can review the current (some stalled) efforts, and prioritize what to work on in 2013 (and again, hopefully solicit volunteers.)

Even though this is primarily focused to have existing developers talk to each other, I think seeing the Jenkins project in action has benefits to users as well --- after all, all of us were just Jenkins users before they became Jenkins developers.


Kohsuke Kawaguchi