Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Should We Embrace App Stores?

Most open source projects have chosen to build versions of their code for a variety of platforms. This helps the advance of software freedom, since people are frequently exposed to the reality for the first time when they try open source software on a platform where it's otherwise absent.

But in the case of platforms gated by app stores, the common wisdom appears to be to disrupt access to open source software by exercising the copyright holders' right to object to conflicts with the license they have used.

Is this the right approach? Should we be waiving our objections to app store terms so that software freedom is promoted on them? Or is it vital to object on principle in every case?

This "talk" will be introductory comments from Simon Phipps and Amanda Brock followed by an open discussion.


Simon Phipps
Amanda Brock