Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Tegra-DRM/OpenTegra status report

The Linux Kernel version 3.8 is the first one to include a KMS driver for the NVIDIA Tegra line of SoCs. Although it's capabilities are still limited right now, it's already able to supersede any downstream framebuffer driver. This talk will give an overview of the current work and what to expect from the OpenTegra project in the next time. Demo of a live system included.

In contrast to other open ARM graphics driver projects the Tegra-DRM/OpenTegra projects priority is not to provide a free 3D driver on top of some preexisting infrastructure, but rather to implement a free graphics driver from the ground up. A large leap forward was made with the addition of the Tegra KMS driver to the mainline Linux Kernel. Still a lot of functionality is missing, but there are combined efforts ongoing from both the free software community and NVIDIA to provide a satisfying and maintainable solution to Tegra graphics.

The talk will mostly be about the technical details/hurdles faced by the developers, but will also clean up some myths that have spread around OpenTegra since the rather incomplete presentation at XDC.


Lucas Stach