Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Things We Love and Hate About Perl @

" is a leading agency in customer and employee satisfaction research in the Netherlands. We enable our customers to conduct fourth generation satisfaction research and continually analyze and publish the results. To do so we use a system that has been fully developed in house; it is tailor made to fit our customer’s and our needs. The system consists approx. 50 different databases spread out over multiple MySQL servers all tied together by one Perl application. The application is a web application. It and its connected websites and processes run on a classical LAMP stack of which the ""P"" is exclusively Perl.

The talk will focus on some Perl features that save us a lot of time and some of it idiosyncrasies that we have learned to deal with. Our main challenges in development and operations lie in the collection of questionnaire data from several sources, safeguarding the integrity of the collected data and the results and of course providing an adequate user experience through all this. The talk will focus on these aspects."


Bas Bloemsaat
Pascal Vree