Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Changesets evolution with Mercurial

The next generation of DVCS features

The Mercurial (hg) DVCS holds a major role in the Mozilla infrastructure. For more than a year, a lot of work have been done on innocent history rewriting features. Rewriting history have always been a powerful but dangerous feature of DVCS. Recent changes in mercurial bring new innovations solving all intrinsic troubles of the concept. This both eases the learning curve of new contributors and boosts the efficiency of power users.

The new feature (= changeset evolution) follows the Mercurial philosophy: easy, safe and powerful. Mercurial now tracks changes at a very fine level improving possibility for your changeset to be reviewed, tested, restored to previous version and allows people to collaboratively edit the same branch of the history in a distributed way. Users of the MQ extension in particular will be given new tools that allow the similar workflow without the current MQ drawbacks.


Pierre-Yves David