Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Coping with the proliferation of tools within your community

Following modern practices for software development and community management requires a plethora of tools, from source code handling to means of communication. Every tool has its purpose, and is necessary for things to run smoothly. Discarding any of them from the workflow is not an option. Yet, keeping track of everything can be overwhelming, especially for new members of your community who have to learn not just the internals of the code, but also the chock-full of tools around it, and the rules associated with each of them. In this talk I’ll quickly explain how a development wiki works. I’ll then present our wiki-centered infrastructure, which brings together SCM repository, mailing lists, issue trackers, IRC/XMPP channels, and offers simple solutions for blog and forum hosting, voting, extensions hosting, and much more.


Sergiu Dumitriu