Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Reaching puberty - How Genode is becoming a general-purpose OS

The Genode OS Framework is a tool kit for composing special-purpose OSes out of a growing number of ready-to-use components such as device drivers, protocol stacks, runtimes, and in particular microkernels. One year ago, we declared our goal to bring the framework to a level where its developers can use it as day-to-day OS. The talk will briefly introduce the fundamental ideas behind Genode's architecture followed by the presentation of the corner-stone for pursuing our goal to run GNU on Genode, namely the Noux runtime environment. Growing up is not easy. Hence, the second part of the presentation will be an experience report on the challenges we encountered at various levels of the software stack and the ways of how we overcame them.


Norman Feske