Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Building RPM packages from Git repositories with git-buildpackage

Doing package maintenance and software developemnt in a consistent way accross a distribution is not always easy. Debian has long history of maintaining packages in different version control systems. Here is a proposal to use some practices in using Git to maintain RPM packages in git by utilizing the git-buildpackage tool. The tool originates from Debian but now has an experimental support for RPM, too. Git-buildpackage supports the workflow of regular developers, package maintainers as well as release/integration. Features include importing existing RPM packages to git, building packages, importing new upstream versions, changelog generation, tagging and more. This talk gives an overview of the tool: how to use it in daily work and also how to utilize it in the backend build infrastructure, e.g. Jenkins/Hudson or the OpenBuildService.


Markus Lehtonen