Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


LinuxonAndroid and SlapOS on Android

The LinuxonAndroid project was created at the start of last year, with the goal to bring Linux based distributions to Android devices. Primarily this has involved creating an Installer app and running Linux on top of Android using chroot, while this is not by any means a new idea LinuxonAndroid aims to support a range of Linux distributions and support as wide a range of devices as possible. Currently the project has over 800 different known working device set ups (through user testing) and a user base of over 40,000 people.

This talk will also cover a second project that uses the LinuxonAndroid project as a base, SlapOS on Android. This project aims
to use the SlapOS software ( running within Linux on Android devices allowing your android device to become part of your Cload IaaS, give you the ability to have full control from your mobile device!


Zachary Powell