Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013



The PTXdist build system recently had its 10th anniversary: time to look at the state of the project and the new features which have recently been developed by the community. The highlights of the last year are a new image generation mechanism, improved systemd support, running on OS X, the split up of runtime and build time dependencies, the start of SELinux support and of course a lot of package version bumps and cross build patch mainlining all over the place.

The spectrum of hardware ptxdist is able to cover is demonstrated with BSPs on quadcore Cortex-A9 with 1 GHz+ and on Cortex-M3 with 48 MHz.

This talk is for developers who need to integrate Embedded Linux systems, as well as for developers working on other cross build systems.


Robert Schwebel
Michael Olbrich