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Hans de Goede
Day Sunday
Room AW1.105
Capacity 48
Start time 14:40
End time 15:00
Duration 00:20
Track New challenges in Virtualization devroom

USB redirection over the network

A talk about USB redirection under qemu, iow using USB devices attached to the host machine inside the guest. Code for this is already present inside qemu but it needs some work. I currently have a set of patches which makes it possible to use USB devices connected to the host inside the guest including devices using isochronous endpoints like webcams.

I'm now working on extending qemu's redirection support so that redirection can be done over the network. The main reason for this is to allow connecting to a virtual machine over the network (with for example vnc or spice) and then make a usb device plugged into the client (from which the virtual machine is viewed) show up inside the virtual machine / the guest (which is running on a host which is a different machine).

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