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Tomas Petricek
Day Saturday
Room AW1.120
Capacity 74
Start time 13:10
End time 13:50
Duration 00:40
Track Mono devroom

Welcome F# to the MonoDevelop family

Welcome F# to the MonoDevelop family

F# is a functional programming language for .NET and Mono that originates from Microsoft Research and has been recently released under the Apache 2.0 license. In this talk, I'll present the open-source F# release as well as F# plugin for MonoDevelop that I created.

We'll look at a couple of examples in F# and I'll try to answer questions such as ""What makes F# different from other languages that are available on Mono today?"", ""In what areas should I use F#?"" and ""Why should I learn F# and what's the easiest way to do that?"" Along the way, you'll see some nice aspects of the F# language as well as features provided by the F# plugin for MonoDevelop, including autocompletion, information tool tips, background compilation and F# Interactive pad.

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