FOSDEM '09 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.



BSDA Certification Exams at FOSDEM 2008

The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) will offer the BSDA certification exam to attendees of FOSDEM 2008.

The exam will be paper based and in English. Exam information is available from the Certification page of the BSDCG website.
Exam candidates should be proficient in the BSDA Certification Requirements and the Command Reference, both of which are available for free download from this page of the website.


Exam candidates must bring valid photo identification matching the name they used when they registered. Those who participated in the beta program should bring their beta certificate and/or the email address they used during the beta program in order to use their 50% discount.

All exam sessions will be held in room Decroly (in the U building) on both days of the event.

Due to limited seating at the event, the number of candidates per session is limited to 15.


Saturday 2008-02-23
14:3016:00BSDA exam session #1
16:3018:00BSDA exam session #2
Sunday 2008-02-24
10:0011:30BSDA exam session #3
13:0014:30BSDA exam session #4
15:0016:30BSDA exam session #5

Registration and pricing

Participants have to register for a BSDCG ID first, at the following URL:
Note that it may take up to 24 hours to receive.

Once you have an ID, you can choose an exam location and pay for the exam.
The discounted fee is only available to those who participated in the beta program.
Prices are in USD, ($75 or $37.50) and Paypal will automatically convert.

About the BSD Certification Group

The BSD Certification Group (BSDCG) is a non-profit organization committed to creating and maintaining a global certification standard for system administration on BSD based operating systems. The BSDCG works with the BSD and sysadmin communities in order to provide a practical and relevant certification.

The BSDA certification is designed to be an entry-level certification on BSD Unix systems administration. The successful BSDA candidate is able to complete common administrative and troubleshooting tasks and has a good understanding of general BSD Unix and networking principles. In addition, the successful candidate demonstrates basic skills with these BSD operating systems: Dragonfly BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

FOSDEM Video Recordings

Video recordings of talks held at FOSDEM editions 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 are available in direct download on and in streamed format on

Direct links to the videos can be found below. Please always use the URL when linking to the files. This way we can prevent dead links if mirrors change.

Thanks to Belnet, HEAnet, Unixheads and for hosting them and NamurLUG for recording and encoding.

Starting from FOSDEM 2007, videos of all the main track talks are available in a patent unencumbered, open and free video format: Ogg/Theora, which means they will play out-of-the-box on any platform using video player applications such as VLC, MPlayer, Kaffeine, Totem, etc...


TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Opening/Closing Talks
Welcome FOSDEM Staff 18
Tux with Shades, Linux in Hollywood Robin Rowe & Gabrielle Pantera 84
How a large scale opensource project works Robert Watson 82
Status update of Software Patents Pieter Hintjens 81
Perl 6 Patrick Michaud 67
Unicoding With PHP 6 Andrei Zmievski 67
JRuby Charles Oliver Nutter 73
Build Systems
Hudson Kohsuke Kawaguchi 79
SCons Steven Knight 77
CMake Bill Hoffman 78
Battle for Wesnoth David White 297
Crystalspace3D Jorrit Tyberghein 300
Globulation 2 Stéphane Magnenat 602
Conary Packaging: Simply Powerful Michael K. Johnson 73
PackageKit Richard Hughes 72
Klik2 Simon Peter & Kurt Pfeifle 71
Xen Ian Pratt 333
VirtualBox Achim Hasenmueller 324
openQRM Matthias Rechenburg 315
CakePHP Garrett J Woodworth 396
OWASP WebScarab-NG Rogan Dawes 354
Mozilla Prism Mark Finkle 245


TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Opening & Closing
Welcome to FOSDEM 2007Raphael Bauduin45
Thanks for visiting FOSDEM 2007Pascal Bleser6
OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)Jim Gettys240
Liberating JavaSimon Phipps338
Status of Software Patents in EuropePieter Hintjens186
Beyond GPLv3Georg Greve327
Security TestingPete Herzog226
Metasploit FrameworkH.D. Moore303
BaculaKern Sibbald327
Desktop Applications
X.orgKeith Packard297
AIGLXKristian Høgsberg229
GEGLØyvind Kolås300
Development Languages
Profiling Desktop ApplicationsFederico Mena Quintero258
GDB TracepointsJim Blandy197
Turbocharging Linux with MonoMiguel de Icaza302
ReactOSAleksey Bragin230
LinuxBIOSRonald G Minnich234
Linux KernelAndrew Morton264
Plone 3.0Paul Everitt178
DrupalDries Buytaert222
MozillaMike Schroepfer203
Internet Services
JBoss JBPMTom Baeyens271
Secure Communications with JabberPeter Saint-Andre197
SambaJeremy Allison299



TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Welcome to FOSDEM 2006Raphael Bauduin38
OpenOfficeMichael Meeks308
XULAxel Hecht229
BeagleJon Trowbridge287
AppArmorCrispin Cowan229
AsteriskMark Spencer235
SERJan Janak38
SpeexJean-Marc Valin287
DarcsDavid Round270
SubversionGreg Stein281
ValgrindJulian Seward207
Valgrind (Q+A)Julian Seward53
Web 2.0
Dojo ToolkitAlex Russel185
RIFEGeert Bevin38
Internet Services
DTraceJon Haslam231
Plan9Uriel Pereira291
XenIan Pratt333
Asterisk TutorialMark Spencer299
DTrace TutorialJon Haslam356
OpenOffice TutorialMichael Meeks249



TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Opening Talk: CopyrightRichard Stallman480
Globus ToolkitOlle Mulmo464
Linux-HAAlan Robertson441
OpenGFSKen Preslan367
KDEMatthias Ettrich431
XFCEOlivier Fourdan375
NautilusAlex Larsson300
Linux Kernel
Linux KernelAlan Cox436
Linux Device MapperAlasdair Kergon491
SysFS/Kernel Driver CorePat Mochel346
SlackwareStuart Winter521


You can contact us at

During the event, the Infodesk is reachable through +3227887474 (only for urgent matters please).

There's also a mailing list (archives) to help you find accomodation, transportation, etc. with other FOSDEM visitors.

Come join us for a chat at , channel #fosdem.

For press inquiries *only*, contact:

  • Mark Van den Borre, +32 486 961726, (NL, EN)
  • Elise Huard, +32 486 511450, (FR, NL, EN)
  • Pascal Bleser, (DE, EN)


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The plan is to archive the sites yearly (like we did in the past) and place them on this location:

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