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Samuel Lidén Borell
Day Saturday
Room AW1.105
Capacity 48
Start time 15:00
End time 15:30
Duration 00:30
Track Security & hardware crypto devroom

Fribid and browser security software

Since many years ago Swedish digital id's issued by the banks (equivalent to other countries digital national id's) are using proprietary client software in order to log in, sign transactions and enroll for id's. The software works as browser plug-ins since on-line services are always web based. Prorietary software rarely works well with Linux, although there are now have a 32 bit version out. Samuel created an open source version of the browser plug-in, Fribid [1] to get something that works better. By investigating communication he soon had a linux client that worked well. It even works with smart cards using OpenSC [2].

This talk will describe a bit of the development behind fribid, and extend to some questions that are much broader in scope than the swedish digital id's, that fribid was created for.

Some of the natural questions to ask are: - Why are there no open standards for the authentication and digital signature operations needed for web based applications? - What can the open source world to to make this important technology (in a much wider concept than swedish digital id's) open and user friendly?

[1] (swedish unfortunately) [2]

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