FOSDEM '08 is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.



Announcing 2008 Stands

Announcing the list of stands that will be present at FOSDEM 2008.

BSDA Certification Exams at FOSDEM 2008

You may now register for the BSDA exam sessions that will be held at FOSDEM 2008. Pricing and schedule is available as well (follow the link above).

LPI Certification Exams at FOSDEM

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) gives visitors the opportunity of doing LPIC-1, LPIC-2, LPIC-3 and Ubuntu exams at FOSDEM again, at a 48 to 55% rebate off the official rate.

FOSDEM Beer Event

As every year, there will be a FOSDEM beer event on Friday night before FOSDEM (22 February 2008).

Unlike previous years, this year's event will take place at the Delirium Café, in a beautiful gallery near the Grand'Place in Brussels. In addition to the enormous variety in beers, the new location also has enough room to cater for the enormous crowd of geeks we tend to be.

While coming over to Brussels to attend FOSDEM, don't miss this great opportunity to taste some of the finest beer in Belgium (and, hence, in the world).


Friday 22/02 from 17:30 onwards, but feel free to join the party at any time of the evening. We will be there until the bar closes (well after midnight).

More, cheaper beer

Beer at the Delirium Café is significantly cheaper than at our previous location. We also negotiated a 10% discount on all draught beer. There are 25 different draught beers available. In addition to these, there is a cellar full of normal and specialty bottled beer. The beer menu on the Delirium website, while perpetually out of date, gives a good indication of the wide selection available.

Improved beer distribution algorithm (v3.0)

A significant problem at previous beer events was keeping the beer distribution going during rush hour. We're confident that this bug has been fixed with this edition.

Initial contribution

We will have a running tab for all the draught beers. When you arrive at the bar, find someone with a bright yellow FOSDEM staff tshirt and hand them an initial contribution of € 20. You will be given a tag (sticker of some sort) indicating to the bar staff that you are on our bill.

Order at the bar

Order your beer at the bar. The bar is long (25 taps!) and will be sufficiently staffed. During rush hour, extra staff will be provisioned. You're welcome to order multiple beers at once. The staff will help you carry it back to your group. Empty glasses will be collected.

Still thirsty?

When the initial contributions run down to about 10% of the bootstrap value, FOSDEM staff will roam around for more funds. Your initial contribution of € 20 is good for about six draught beers and perhaps some munchies (roughly). If you are still thirsty, any contributions will be gladly accepted.

Closing time

The Delirium Café has no fixed closing time. The beer distribution algorithm will run until funds run out or until 01:00, whichever happens earlier. FOSDEM staff is expected for set-up at 05:00 Saturday morning and do need some rest. You are of course welcome to stay at the bar, paying as you go, if you like.

Specialty beers

To keep things simple, only draught beers at the main bar are on the common tab. If you'd like to try some bottled specialty beers, you can get them downstairs on your own bill. We are awaiting confirmation to have the 10% discount apply to bottled beers too. Watch this space. Regardless of the discount, prices are quite reasonable.

Munchies and real food

There will be a selection of munchies available at the main bar (on the common tab). For more filling sustenance, there are a variety of restaurants and snackbars nearby. FOSDEM staff will be happy to give suggestions and to point you in the right direction.

A note of caution

Unlike some other beers, Belgian beer is not just colourful water. Some beers contain significant volumes of alcohol and will give you a pounding hangover. FOSDEM staff is not responsible for any hallucinations you may experience as a result of this event. :-)

Be there!

A lot of work has gone into making this beer event the best ever. We've taken into account the suggestions from last year and are confident that this edition will be a blast. Bring your friends and join us for a great evening out!

Contact and location

If you manage to get lost somehow, despite this handy little map, call Philip. He might not be able to help you find the way, but he should be able to find someone who can! :-)

Practical information for Speakers

Download PDF with this info to print:

Dear FOSDEM speaker,

You receive this mail because you are scheduled to give a talk at FOSDEM 2008 in Brussels, 23 & 24 February 2008. This mail contains some important practical info about the event.

Hotel booking

Here is the exact address of the hotel you will be sleeping at:

  Novotel Brussels Off Grand' Place
  120, rue du marché aux herbes
  B-1000 Brussels
  (Contact: Céline Snauwaert / Karin Stegeman)
  Tel: +32 2 500 3721
If you encounter any issues at the hotel call Philip: +32 486 114 720

We will leave an envelope with more information at the hotel desk. When you arrive at the hotel, the receptionist should give it to you. If not, please ask for it.

The first thing to check is the hotel booking. The dates in the table below are the arrival and departure date & time to & from Novotel.
Most of you will be arriving at Novotel on the 22nd and leave on the 25th of February. That means 3 nights have been booked (22->23 , 23->24, 24->25). Breakfast is included.
Extra reservations have also been made. You should get a separate mail if this is the case for you.
As a reminder, FOSDEM is reimbursing travel and hotel expenses for those 3 nights only.

Here is the list of rooms booked by the FOSDEM organization for speakers.

Friday 22 February 2008

Name Room type Notes
Robert Watson Single
Mark Finkle Single
Rogan Dawes Single
Garrett Woodworth Single
Kurt Pfeifle Single
Simon Peter Single
Richard Hughes Double
Michael Johnson Single
Matthias Rechenburg Double
Achim Hasenmueller Single
Bill Hoffman Single
Steven Knight Double Bed for kid
Kohsuke Kawaguchi Single
Charles Oliver Nutter Single
Patrick Michaud Single
Stéphane Magnegat Single
David White Double
Robin Rowe Double

Saturday 23 February 2008

Name Room type Notes
Robert Watson Single
Mark Finkle Single
Rogan Dawes Single
Garrett Woodworth Single
Kurt Pfeifle Single
Simon Peter Single
Richard Hughes Double
Michael Johnson Single
Matthias Rechenburg Double
Achim Hasenmueller Single
Bill Hoffman Single
Steven Knight Double Bed for kid
Kohsuke Kawaguchi Single
Charles Oliver Nutter Single
Andrei Zmievski Single
Patrick Michaud Single
Stéphane Magnegat Single
David White Double
Robin Rowe Double

Sunday 24 February 2008

Name Room type Notes
Robert Watson Single
Mark Finkle Single
Rogan Dawes Single
Garrett Woodworth Single
Kurt Pfeifle Single
Simon Peter Single
Richard Hughes Double
Michael Johnson Single
Achim Hasenmueller Single
Bill Hoffman Single
Steven Knight Double Bed for kid
Kohsuke Kawaguchi Single
Charles Oliver Nutter Single
Andrei Zmievski Single
Patrick Michaud Single
David White Double

Can you please confirm the booking is correct or let us know if it is not?
If you are not on the list, that means that no room has been booked for you!

Saturday evening dinner UPDATED

We are organizing a buffet/dinner for FOSDEM speakers and staff and volunteers.
There will be dishes that should please everyone, vegetarian or not.
The dinner will be at a restaurant near the conference campus.

Please fill in this form to choose your meal:


The schedule has been published at If there is a problem, or a conflict, please let us know.


Info from Novotel

How to get to the hotel by public transportation:
You have to take the train to "Bruxelles-Central" and walk to the hotel. It's just a one minute walk. A map with the walk description.

How to get to the hotel by car:
There is no parking at the hotel, but there is a public parking next to the hotel. We will reimburse the parking cost of course, please keep all proofs of payments. The hotel address can be found at the top of this mail.

How to get from the hotel to FOSDEM:
We will arrange taxi cabs to bring you from the hotel to FOSDEM. Please ask the receptionist at the hotel to call the company "Taxi Verts" (they will have the number). In the envelope given to you at the time of arrival, you will find a taxi-cheque and detailed address information which you can give to the driver of the company "Taxi Verts" as payment.

Here is the address where FOSDEM is taking place:

  Université Libre de Bruxelles
  Campus du Solbosch
  Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 50
  B-1050 Bruxelles

Practical information

Very important : we would like to maintain the schedule. There's nothing more annoying for speakers, visitors and organizers than a schedule that is not respected.

When arriving at the ULB/FOSDEM location please first go to the infodesk to announce you have arrived. It is important to keep track who is there or who is missing.

There will be a FOSDEM staff member in each room who will inform you when you only have 10 minutes left before your time is up. You have approximatively 50 minutes for the talk and Q&A. Each talk is followed by a 10 minute break to allow people to move from one room to another in order to attend another talk.

The beamers have a resolution of 1024x768, more not guaranteed. We might be able to test your laptop in combination with the beamer if you want (at lunch time for example), but please let us know at the Infodesk.

In case you encounter a problem, you can contact us by phone:
FOSDEM Infodesk : +32 (0)2 788 74 74

Finally, remember that this event is organized by volunteers, and is made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors, but also thanks to the numerous donators. We are doing our best to make of this event a success and we would like to thank you again for having accepted our invitation.

Thanks for coming!

The FOSDEM organization team.

Previous mail

More details will be emailed later...


Could you please e-mail me :
  • Your bio (or a link to it)
  • A picture of yourself (or a link to it)
  • A short abstract of what you will talk about during FOSDEM

You should be able to find some more information about the event on our website:
And for previous editions: and


We are asking you to book your plane yourself. Don't forget that FOSDEM is a non-commercial and sponsored event, so please book your flights early in order to prevent too expensive flights.

Please keep your proof of payment. We will ask you to fax it to us after the event, as well as your bank account details, so that we can reimburse you.

If you're outside of Europe check the regulations concerning Visum for visiting Belgium. Contact us if you have problems or need some info


We are managing the bookings of the hotel !
We are paying for bed and breakfast for up to three nights, ie Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night so that you can leave as late as possible on Monday after a visit of Brussels. However, we absolutely need you arrival and departure day and time. Without this information we can't book the hotel for you.
If you already know this information you can already email it to us.

Talks and tutorials duration

Your talk will last 50 minutes, and will be followed by a 10 minutes break before the next talk in order to allow people to go to another room if they want to. We usually suggest 40 minutes talks, with 10 minutes of questions and answers.

All talks will be filmed and recorded under a Creative Commons License for later publishing on the internet. If you have any objection, please tell us before the event, so that we can take the appropriate action.

If you have not sent your abstract/picture/bio yet, please do not wait too long. This info will make your talk a lot more attractive to the visitors of our website.

Once we have a schedule we will inform you about this.


Everyone of you will receive en e-mail asking to respond to a number of interview questions — you can expect it in the coming months.
We are asking you to answer those questions as soon as you can. As you already know, FOSDEM is a sponsored event, and we do not conduct extensive marketing campaigns. FOSDEM is well-known thanks to the word-of-mouth, and interviews are a way for us to attract publicity.
Good quality interviews get published on various websites, helping spread the word about FOSDEM, but also about your project.

You will be notified when the interview is published, and you are encouraged to promote it on you project's website.


Many people are requesting the slides of the talks. Please mail us a URL pointing to the slides of your talk so that we can put them online after the event.


If your company is sponsoring part of your trip (typically the plane and/or the hotel nights), please remind it to us in this e-mail.

Thank you again and don't hesitate to contact the staff during the event, or before it, if you have any questions.

You can contact Christophe Vandeplas by phone at +32 486 64 10 33, or e-mail us at any time if you have questions, or doubts.

New website & brainstorm results

Netlash is finally fixing the last bits and css-bytes of our brand new website. You'll soon see it in here.

Secondly thanks to all the people who submitted a subject for the brainstorm. We drew the main structure concerning the tracks we'll have at the conference and are now inviting speakers.

More info coming soon...

Keysigning party

Like previous years, there will be a keysigning party at FOSDEM.

Both CAcert and GPG/PGP signing will be done.

GPG/PGP keysigning

Key submission for the GPG/PGP keysigning party is now closed. If you still want to participate, this will only be possible if you bring enough copies of your fingerprint on paper with you. Due to time constraints, having participants copy your key on the key signing party will not be allowed, so make sure that's not necessary. Some participants may also choose to refuse to accept paper slips; don't be angry if this happens -- you should have been on time to make the list...

If you want to sign other participants' keys, also make sure you bring your copy of the list, and follow the instructions in that file to make sure you can participate.


TODO for visitors
  • If you can (you'll have less work later on), first go to the CAcert website to register.
  • Once logged in on the site, you'll find a "CAcert Web of Trust" menu. Click on that title to open the menu and download the personal "A4 - WoT Form". I recommend you to print approx 20-40 sheets of this document. as it will enable you to be signed by other people too. You need more as just one Assurance in order to have your name on the certificate or even become an Assurer yourself and help to establish the web of trust. You should also do this if you are already assurer, so that cross signatures are possible.
  • Take 2 official proofs of identity. (eg: ID-card, drivers-license, passport,...).
The proceedings for the signing are simple.
We make 1 line, Assurers will sit (floor/seat), visitors willing to be assured will pass and show their identity papers. Papers will be signed.

More information
Introduction to the CAcert Assurance Program

See here for the schedule of the keysigning session

FOSDEM Video Recordings

Video recordings of talks held at FOSDEM editions 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 are available on

Direct links to the videos can be found below. Please always use the URL when linking to the files. This way we can prevent dead links if mirrors change.

Thanks to Belnet, HEAnet and Unixheads for hosting them and NamurLUG for recording and encoding.

Starting from FOSDEM 2007, videos of all the main track talks are available in a patent unencumbered, open and free video format: Ogg/Theora, which means they will play out-of-the-box on any platform using video player applications such as VLC, MPlayer, Kaffeine, Totem, etc...


TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Opening/Closing Talks
Welcome FOSDEM Staff 18
Tux with Shades, Linux in Hollywood Robin Rowe & Gabrielle Pantera 84
How a large scale opensource project works Robert Watson 82
Status update of Software Patents Pieter Hintjens 81
Perl 6 Patrick Michaud 67
Unicoding With PHP 6 Andrei Zmievski 67
JRuby Charles Oliver Nutter 73
Build Systems
Hudson Kohsuke Kawaguchi 79
SCons Steven Knight 77
CMake Bill Hoffman 78
Battle for Wesnoth David White 297
Crystalspace3D Jorrit Tyberghein 300
Globulation 2 Stéphane Magnenat 602
Conary Packaging: Simply Powerful Michael K. Johnson 73
PackageKit Richard Hughes 72
Klik2 Simon Peter & Kurt Pfeifle 71
Xen Ian Pratt 333
VirtualBox Achim Hasenmueller 324
openQRM Matthias Rechenburg 315
CakePHP Garrett J Woodworth 396
OWASP WebScarab-NG Rogan Dawes 354
Mozilla Prism Mark Finkle 245


TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Opening & Closing
Welcome to FOSDEM 2007Raphael Bauduin45
Thanks for visiting FOSDEM 2007Pascal Bleser6
OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)Jim Gettys240
Liberating JavaSimon Phipps338
Status of Software Patents in EuropePieter Hintjens186
Beyond GPLv3Georg Greve327
Security TestingPete Herzog226
Metasploit FrameworkH.D. Moore303
BaculaKern Sibbald327
Desktop Applications
X.orgKeith Packard297
AIGLXKristian Høgsberg229
GEGLØyvind Kolås300
Development Languages
Profiling Desktop ApplicationsFederico Mena Quintero258
GDB TracepointsJim Blandy197
Turbocharging Linux with MonoMiguel de Icaza302
ReactOSAleksey Bragin230
LinuxBIOSRonald G Minnich234
Linux KernelAndrew Morton264
Plone 3.0Paul Everitt178
DrupalDries Buytaert222
MozillaMike Schroepfer203
Internet Services
JBoss JBPMTom Baeyens271
Secure Communications with JabberPeter Saint-Andre197
SambaJeremy Allison299



TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Welcome to FOSDEM 2006Raphael Bauduin38
OpenOfficeMichael Meeks308
XULAxel Hecht229
BeagleJon Trowbridge287
AppArmorCrispin Cowan229
AsteriskMark Spencer235
SERJan Janak38
SpeexJean-Marc Valin287
DarcsDavid Round270
SubversionGreg Stein281
ValgrindJulian Seward207
Valgrind (Q+A)Julian Seward53
Web 2.0
Dojo ToolkitAlex Russel185
RIFEGeert Bevin38
Internet Services
DTraceJon Haslam231
Plan9Uriel Pereira291
XenIan Pratt333
Asterisk TutorialMark Spencer299
DTrace TutorialJon Haslam356
OpenOffice TutorialMichael Meeks249



TalkSpeakerSize (MB)
Opening Talk: CopyrightRichard Stallman480
Globus ToolkitOlle Mulmo464
Linux-HAAlan Robertson441
OpenGFSKen Preslan367
KDEMatthias Ettrich431
XFCEOlivier Fourdan375
NautilusAlex Larsson300
Linux Kernel
Linux KernelAlan Cox436
Linux Device MapperAlasdair Kergon491
SysFS/Kernel Driver CorePat Mochel346
SlackwareStuart Winter521
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