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[ 14-02-2005 ]
Development tools interviews

Today, you can discover the full development tools track speakers' interviews, that mean you have for reading :
  • Andreas Zeller's interview for ddd;
  • Benoit Minisini's interview for Gambas;
  • Alexander Dymo & Harald Fernengel interview for kdevelop.
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    [ 11-02-2005 ]
    Beside the official talks ...

    Starting saturday noon, developers's room will offer to various projects an opportunity for their developers to meet and brainstorm on their future. A wide range a projects have requested one, and will provide lots of presentation. More information about this can be found in the developers' room section.

    This year, visitors will have the opportunity to pass LPI exams at FOSDEM. LPI will conduct 101 and 201 exams on saturday and sunday. To support FOSDEM, LPI has decided to discount the price for delegates from the normal 110 Euros to 35 Euros per exam. If you plan to come to these exams, please mail us so we can estimate number of participant and also register on LPI site for an LPI-ID, which is needed to participate to the exams.

    There will also be lightning talks and a key signing party during the week-end.

    Last thing : don't forget to participate to our contest and support us so we can continue to provide a good FOSDEM.
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    [ 09-02-2005 ]
    First interviews

    Today, you can discover the full desktop track speakers' interviews, that mean you have for reading :
  • Olivier Fourdan's interview for XFCE;
  • Matthias Ettrich's interview for KDE;
  • Alexander Larsson's interview for Gnome.

    New interviews will soon follow ...

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    [ 03-02-2005 ]
    Press Release

    This press release is for immediate release, so feel free to propagate it everywhere to let know people FOSDEM is starting in 23 days !
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    [ 01-02-2005 ]
    Support FOSDEM and go to EurOSCON

    FOSDEM has always been organised by volunteers, with financial support from its visitors, as well as its various sponsors.

    To say thank you for your continued support, our partner, O'Reilly is offering the opportunity for two people to win passes to O'Reilly's EUROSCON (taking place in Europe in Autumn 2005).

    The winners will be randomly selected from all FOSDEM supporters who donate EUR10 or more AND THAT HAVE AN ACCOUNT on our web site. .

    Good luck to all our 2005 donators!

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