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2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting

Our Sponsors

Organizing a free event like the FOSDEM is impossible to do without money. That is why the FOSDEM needs sponsors.

Cornerstone sponsor

Once again, we are proud to have O'Reilly as one of our sponsors.

They are the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. We communicate the knowledge of experts through our books, conferences, and web sites. Their books, known for their animals on the covers, occupy a treasured place on the shelves of the developers building the next generation of software. Their conferences and summits bring innovators together to shape the revolutionary ideas that spark new industries. From the Internet to the web, Linux, Open Source, and now peer-to-peer networking, O'Reilly puts technologies on the map.


Main sponsors

This belgian small company developed this new web site and its administration tools.


Astaro develops a complete line of network security products including the Astaro Security Gateway line of security appliances and Astaro Security Linux, a software-based solution. Astaro selects the best of open source security software to provide the widest range of innovative security technology available in a single package. The software is thoroughly tested by Astaro and tightly integrated with the Astaro Security Linux management platform and additional functionality from Astaro. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany.

 Best Of Publishing

Leader in specialized newspapers regarding Internet and Information technologies, Best Of Publishing is the editor of magazines like: Inside Internet, PC World Belgium, Network & Telecom, Publish + Print and Channel World.

 GNU/Linux Magazine France

GNU/Linux Magazine France is the leading french magazine covering GNU/Linux software, development and configuration. GNU/Linux Magazine France is donating 20 susbcriptions to french speaking attendees.


International magazine for all those interested in hacking and IT security. Read it if you want to know more, understand better and have control over IT systems - yours and others.
Hakin9 will offer 20 international subscirptions during FOSDEM 2005.
Hakin9 is also available in French, German, Spanish, Polish and Czech

 Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine is the magazine for Advanced Linux Know-How. Based in the UK, Linux Magazine serves the international English-speaking Linux Community.
Linux Magazine is donating 20 international susbcriptions during FOSDEM 2005.
Linux Magazine is also published in German, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish.


Misc, the Multi-systems & Internet Security Cookbook, is the first french security magazine covering security with Unix and non-unix systems, from the programmer to the system administrator point of view. Misc is offering 10 subscriptions to french speaking attendees.


PePLink's specialty is in working closely with our service provider and embedded systems customers to create customised solutions, meeting market needs, and creating value added feature differentiation.
For donations of more than 100 € for FOSDEM, donors get a 50% voucher from PePLink for use on a MANGA Plus (Value 200 US$).


X-Tend stands for over 10 years of Open Source experience. Our consultants have been using the Linux Kernel since its pre 1.0 version and have helped Linux to become the stable and secure platform it is today. We excell in: Open Directory Integration (openLDAP, Linux on the Desktop, High Performance Computing, openMosix, Samba Integrations, Large Scale Mail Systems, Failover solutions, Firewall and Security solutions.

Promotional sponsors

A uniquely rich software repository and searchable archive for end-users, hosts a database of the Web’s largest index of Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and handheld software with related discussions and version announcements. provides searching and filtering capabilities for users who come to the site looking for specific tools and applications.


Linux-Magazin, founded in 1994, is Europe's oldest Linux publication, and the second oldest worldwide. Linux-Magazin is the German-language source of information for Linux Professionals.


LinuxFr is an association created at the end of October 1998 in order to gather french speaking Linux users and to provide them a communication and information system, especially through a web server.

More Open Source developers collaborate on more projects at than anywhere in the world. Robust online services facilitate real time software collaboration and distribution across virtual teams. Specialized communities, called Foundries, enhance peer-level participation around specific technologies. hosts close to 100,000 projects with close to 1 million registered users.


 Cercle Informatique ULB

The "Cercle Informatique ULB" is a group of students who help us booking and using ULB rooms during FOSDEM.

 Linux Community is the top German-language Linux portal, covering all aspects of Linux. The main German-language Linux portal is promoting us with banner advertising

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