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2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting

The FOSDEM Team is proud to announce a special event : the FOSDEM background contest.

There is only one rule : you must create a background image which has to be "FOSDEM oriented". To do that, you will have to be inspired by the FOSDEM logo and the FOSDEM "brain" logo.

Every registered user can submit one or more backgrounds. The rules are :
  • images have to be submitted in png/jpg format
  • you can't include picture/drawing representing person (like RMS, Torvalds, ...)
  • you must be present at FOSDEM to be "a winner". If the one with the higher votes rank is not present, the prize will be for the second if present at FOSDEM, otherwise ...

    The submission page is accessible thru the "members zone" menu after you are registered (free) and/or logged in.

    The registered users will also have the opportunity to vote for the best background of their choice, but also to modify their vote if they see something better.

    The votes will begin on the Feb 10th 2004 at AM 10:00 (Brussels time).

    The list of prices will be soon published here.

    You can download the logo and the "brain" here:

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