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[ 01-02-2005 ]
Buffet sponsoring

This year, we welcome PePLink as a FOSDEM sponsor. They have decided to support us in the cost of the saturday evening buffet. But they went one step further: each donator of 100 euros or more to the FOSDEM organisation may get a 50% reduction on their MANGA Plus.

You'll be able to discover the MANGA Plus product on the PePLink stand, where PePLink agreed to present only Open Source and Free Software.

The FOSDEM crew thanks PePLink for their support of the event!

On saturday evening, we will again organise a FOSDEM buffet. Although the number of attendants is limited, the cost of such a buffet is rising fast and it wouldn't have been possible without the financial support of PePLink and X-Tend who we take the opportunity to thank.

All donators of 50 euros or more are elligible to take part to the buffet. As the number of attendants is limited to 190, we'll apply the FAFS principle: first arrived first served.

If you make your donation by wire transfer and want to take part to the buffet, don't forget to send a mail to with subject BuffetReservation.

Thanks for your support.

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[ 30-01-2005 ]
The schedule

If you didn't yet done it, just click on the schedule link to discover what's happening and where it is !
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[ 26-01-2005 ]
Key Signing Party and LPI exams

Once again, FOSDEM is pleased to hold a key signing party organised by volunteers. You can check how to participate here.

Last year, an LPI exam has been organised in a hurry. This year, we have asked LPI to organise exams, and there will be at least 1 exam, maybe 2. You must first register on LPI website to obtain an LPI ID needed to pass the exam. Check this on the LPI website.

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[ 23-01-2005 ]
Contest & Support

The rules for the contest are :
  • images have to be submitted in png/jpg format
  • you can't include picture/drawing representing person (like RMS, Torvalds, ...)
  • you must be present at FOSDEM to be "a winner". If the one with the higher votes rank is not present, the prize will be for the second if present at FOSDEM, otherwise ... So, no more SVG pictures. You can read all of this here

    FOSDEM is a free (as a free beer) event ... but we need money to do it ! So we are asking people to make donations so that FOSDEM can happen. But we want to provide some "return" to our donators. Given that, if you donate this, you'll get that :
  • 25 euros: t-shirt
  • 50 euros: t-shirt + pocket guide + entrance to buffet if available
  • 100 euros: t-shirt + O'Reilly book + entrance to buffet if available + 50% reduction on a Peplink product
  • 150 euros: tshirt + O'Reilly book + participation in the draw to win 5 books of your choice from O'Reilly (2 winners of 5 books) + entrance to buffet if available.

    Check here for more information on how to do it !

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    [ 11-01-2005 ]
    Latest bios ...

    The 3 last bios are about :

  • Ken Preslan
  • Marty Roesch
  • Alasdair Kergon

    As said many times, you can submit your questions for the interviews. Check that here ... there are still lots of things to ask our speakers !

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