Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Krunal Bauskar

Photo of Krunal Bauskar

Krunal Bauskar has been actively working in the MySQL space for over a decade. He is currently driving the adoption of the ARM ecosystem for MySQL/MariaDB/Percona through his #mysqlonarm initiative working at Huawei. In the past he has worked on multiple MySQL projects viz. undo log truncate, atomic truncate temp table work, Percona XtraDB Cluster performance, and PXC-5.7/8.0 features, as part of his tenure at MySQL/Oracle (as InnoDB developer) and Percona (as PXC product lead).



Title Day Room Track Start End
Migrating MariaDB Cluster to ARM Saturday D.mariadb MariaDB 11:45 12:10
Running MySQL on ARM Sunday D.mysql MySQL 13:30 14:00