Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting and videos

Q: In what timezone are you?

The conference is in Brussels time, which is CET (UTC + 1).

Q: Where can I watch the talks?

All talks can be watched from our website. Go to fosdem/2021/live, click on the track that interests you and enjoy the talk.

You can also go to the schedule, find the topic you are interested in, click on the Watch the live stream-link and enjoy the presentation.

Q: Are talk recordings available?

All talk recordings will be made available on as soon as the presenter reviewed the contents to make sure the recording is correct.

This will usually take a few days to a few weeks, check for updates!

Q: Is there a job corner?

Yes! Go over to!

Chatting and Q&A

Q: I want to talk to the speaker.

Easy! Go to fosdem/2021/live, click on the track you are interested in, (or use the schedule to go directly to an interesting talk) register an account with (see our practical information page for more details) and ask away. Please remember to keep the conversation civil and on topic.

Q: Does the video show up in the room once it's time for the talk?

The video will play automatically on the stream at the correct time, but there will be a slight latency.


Q: Where can I find the T-shirts and hoodies?

There are two places where you can find T-shirts, depending on whether you are in the EU or not.

Visitors from the EU go to, which ships to the EU.

Visitors from the rest of the world go to

If you can't find your country in either of the shops, send an e-mail to treasure-at-fosdem-dot-org with how much hoodies/T-shirts you wish to order.

Q: How many T-shirts/hoodies are available?

You're in luck this year! As we work with a print-on-demand provider, there are no limits.

Q: How long will T-shirts remain available?

You can get them till the end of the weekend after FOSDEM 2021 (2021-02-14). Don't miss out!


Q: I plan on visiting FOSDEM, where can I register?

No registration is required.

Q: How much does a entry ticket for FOSDEM cost?

Attendance is free, including access to all talks and facilities.

Q: If entrance to FOSDEM is free, who pays the expenses?

We have two sources of income: donations from our visitors and sponsorship.

Q: My company loves FOSDEM, what are the sponsoring possibilities?

Have a look at the sponsor page.

FOSDEM in general

Q: There is a mistake on the website, where do I report it?

You can talk to us in the Infodesk channel on or open an issue on our Github repository. Pull requests welcome!