Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Certification exams

A number of certification exams will be offered at FOSDEM 2021.

The Linux Professional Institute, the Foundation for Public Code and The Document Foundation will organise exam sessions during FOSDEM 2021. Interested candidates will be able to register for exams with the respective certification groups.

LPI certification

As in previous years, the Linux Professional Institute will again offer a discount to examination candidates at FOSDEM 2021. The level 1, level 2 and level 3 exams are offered at a discount of nearly 50%.

The following examinations are offered.

Certification Exams Price
Linux Essentials 010 € 70.00
LPIC-1 101, 102 € 100.00
LPIC-2 201, 202 € 100.00
LPIC-3 300, 303, 304 € 100.00
DevOps Tools Engineer 701 € 100.00
BSD Specialist 702 € 100.00

Registration procedure

LibreOffice Certification program

The Document Foundation will offer the LibreOffice Certification at FOSDEM 2021.

Individuals willing to be certified must be already active in the field of migrations from proprietary software and large deployments of LibreOffice, and/or LibreOffice training programs of any kind (within a migration or a large deployment, or a training school). More information is available on the certification page of The Document Foundation website.

Registration procedure

Candidates should complete the certification application on The Document Foundation website. Exams will be taken via Jitsi

The Standard for Public Code certification

The Standard for Public Code gives public organizations a model for building their own open source solutions to enable successful future reuse by other public organizations. It includes guidance for policymakers, managers, developers and designers.

The open online introduction course includes a free completion certificate.
During FOSDEM,
Foundation for Public Code staff will be available for questions.