Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Dario Faggioli

Photo of Dario Faggioli

Hacks on low-level stuff, like OS & VMM, at SUSE. Passionate about computer programming in general, Linux and Open Source but also reading watching TV series, and traveling around the World (most of the time in an RV) with his wife and 3 kids.

In some more details, Dario is a Virtualization Software Engineer at SUSE. He's been active in the Open Source virtualization space for ~8 years, mostly on the Xen project, and he's currently a maintainer of the Xen hypervisor scheduler.

Currently, he is also working on KVM, Libvirt, QEMU, and other things. His primary focus is on scheduling and on performance evaluation and improvement.

During his Ph.D., he worked on real-time scheduling on Linux, and he's one of the original authors of what today is the SCHED_DEADLINE scheduling class.

Since 2010, he has spoken and presented his work at several events and conferences, like Linux Kernel Summit, Linux Plumbers, Xen Project Developers Summit, FOSDEM, LinuxLab, and OSPM. Just very recently, he's given technical seminars to Computer Architecture students at the Italian universities of Pisa and Modena.



Title Day Room Track Start End
A Comparison of ftrace and LTTng for Tracing Baremetal and Virtualized Workloads Saturday D.testing Testing and Automation 11:55 12:25
An User & Developer Perspective on Immutable OSes Saturday D.distributions Distributions 12:30 12:55
By The Power of toolbox! Sunday D.containers Containers 15:10 15:35