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Peter Forgacs
Day Sunday
Room Ferrer
Capacity 288
Start time 10:00
End time 10:15
Duration 00:15
Track Lightning Talks

MediaMosa: open source video backend

In this presentation you will hear about: * The main ability of this platform * Why it is a good solution for (educational) video sites * You will see a demo video front end (WLE) for MediaMosa * Introducion REST (Representational State Transfer) interface as a communication channel between the video frontend and backend * How to: upload video, transcode video, create (multiple) still images * How you can add and search metadatas (title, description, Dublin Core, Qualified Dublin Core) with CQL * How you can increase the performance of MediaMosa using multiple servers * Future developments

MediaMosa is a robust, flexible and highly scalable media management platform. It is already helping deliver rich content to educational organisations across the Netherlands.

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