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Ludovic Brenta
Miguel Telleria de Esteban
Day Sunday
Room H.1302
Capacity 200
Start time 09:00
End time 10:30
Duration 01:30
Track CrossDistro devroom

Ada in Debian and other distributions

This talk will:

  • briefly describe Ludovic's work maintaining the Ada part of GCC as part of the larger Debian-GCC team;

  • describe the Debian Policy for Ada packages; why one is needed and why it is written the way it is;

  • compare (in a constructive way, obviously) Debian with other distributions that also have good support for Ada, in particular Gentoo and FreeBSD, and with complementary third-party efforts such as the GNU Ada project on SourceForge[2] and MacAda[3] "GNAT for Macintosh";

  • propose coordination between distributions on how to package Ada software.

    Followed by a live demonstration

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