FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.


Ad Hoc meeting room (BoF)

On Sunday, room 117 in the AW building will (again) be available as BoF room.
The idea is to hold ad-hoc discussions, meet-ups or brainstorms. It is not meant for talks, so there will deliberately not be a projector.

The concept is simple: any project can reserve a timeslot (15, 30 or max. 45 minutes), during which they have the room just for them.

The fill-in schedule is available on the wall near AW.117 from Saturday morning onwards. Full is full.

Things to know

Your first visit to FOSDEM? Did you know that...

  • You can leave your coat and bags at the Cloak room.
  • A Red Cross team is present for any medical problems. Follow the First Aid arrows in the H building.
  • Safety comes first
  • Free shuttle busses to the Brussels-South railway station are available on Sunday evening.
  • Food is plentiful. Check out Bar 2 where it is spacious, warm and relaxed.
  • FOSDEM is entirely organized by a team of volunteers and all your donations go straight towards making Fosdem better.
  • We have a FAQ.

Last speaker interviews

To finish our collection of informative interviews with the FOSDEM 2011 main track speakers, we proudly present:

Update: the last installment was just added as well:

See you at FOSDEM this weekend!

Schedule for mobile

Ways to have the schedule with you at all times, without wasting trees:

Thanks to Pascal Bleser, Wilmer van der Gaast, Gregor Herrmann, Will Thompson, Raphael Kallensee, Michael Uyttersprot, Chris Browet, Niels Langendorff and others for these great pieces of open-source software!

Printable schedule

Just a few days to go, and the FOSDEM 2011 schedule is available in printable form (as a PDF), as a three page grid.

Note that those will be postered all around the venue, and the schedule is also available in the booklet we distribute free of charge to all visitors at the main entrance. But just in case, to promote the event somewhere, or to have a copy in your pocket during the conference, it's there.

Keysigning: last day to submit keys

Please don't forget to submit your keys to the keyserver before tomorrow if you intend to participate in the keysigning event. Tomorrow around midnight (CET) the keyserver will be closed and we'll be generating the final list of participants.

If you're not on the list, you will not be able to participate. We are too many people to deal with slips of paper from people not on the list.

See for more information.

Second batch of FOSDEM 2011 speaker interviews

Here is the second batch of interviews with our main track speakers.

We hope this reading material will make you curious enough to attend the main track talks.

First FOSDEM 2011 Speaker Interviews

Just like previous editions we have performed some interviews with our main track speakers.

To get up to speed with the various topics discussed in the main track talks, you can start reading the following articles:

Stay tuned for more interviews in the next weeks...

Speaker announcement

We are happy to announce the first details of the FOSDEM 2011 program!

As keynote speakers, we are very proud to host Eben Moglen, Jonathan Corbet and Chris Lattner:

  • Eben Moglen will speak about "Why Political Liberty Depends on Software Freedom More Than Ever",
  • Jonathan Corbet will speak about "How kernel development goes wrong and why you should be a part of it anyway",
  • and Chris Lattner closes off this list with a keynote on Clang and the LLVM compiler infrastructure.

On top of that, there will be 6 fantastic main tracks, succinctly named 'Browsing', 'Cloud', 'Frameworks', 'Languages', 'Office' and 'System'.
Read on below for the current list of main track talks.

A more detailed schedule, including devroom schedules, talk abstracts and speaker info, will be published after we've taught the conference management system to behave more nicely ; )

Job Corner

Companies will be again able to inform visitors about open source employment or contracting opportunities in our "job corner" at FOSDEM 2011. The job corner will be located at the end of the main corridor in the H building, see below for a small plan.

There are some rules on what is permissible, as outlined below, but most important is to use your common sense.

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