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Interview: Andrew Gerrand

Andrew Gerrand will present Practical Go Programming at FOSDEM 2011.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I'm an Engineer at Google Sydney working on the Go Programming Language. I have a long history as a programmer in the Internet industry, from billing systems to web start-ups, and I also have a keen interest in coding for old 8-bit platforms. My official title is Developer Advocate, and in practice I spend my time trying to make it easier for programmers to learn and use Go.

Last speaker interviews

To finish our collection of informative interviews with the FOSDEM 2011 main track speakers, we proudly present:

Update: the last installment was just added as well:

See you at FOSDEM this weekend!

Interview: Chris Lattner

Chris Lattner will give a talk about "LLVM and Clang" at FOSDEM 2011.

Interview: Michael Meeks

Michael Meeks will give a talk about "Liberating Open Office Development " at FOSDEM 2011.

Interview: Jos van den Oever

Jos van den Oever will give a talk about "WebODF: an office suite built on browser technology" at FOSDEM 2011.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My background is in molecular sciences and bioinformatics, however I've been a long time proponent of open standards and a Linux and Free Software user. Since 2006 I've also become a contributor in the KDE community, where I am the founder and maintainer of Strigi, which is a library and program for indexing and searching files. I have given a couple of Strigi talks at previous editions of FOSDEM.

Interview: Chris Hofmann

Chris Hofmann will give a talk about "The life of a Firefox feature" at FOSDEM 2011.

Interview: Nicolas Spiegelberg

Nicolas Spiegelberg will give a talk about "The Storage Technologies Behind Facebook Messages" at FOSDEM 2011.

Interview: David Chisnall

David Chisnall will speak about Objective-C at FOSDEM 2011.

Interview: Manik Surtani

Manik Surtani will speak about Infinispan at FOSDEM 2011.

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Manik Surtani, I'm an engineer at Red Hat working on JBoss middleware. I have a background in clustering Java middleware for high availability and scalability, and work on a distributed data grid/NoSQL project called Infinispan, which I founded a couple of years back.

Second batch of FOSDEM 2011 speaker interviews

Here is the second batch of interviews with our main track speakers.

We hope this reading material will make you curious enough to attend the main track talks.

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