Keysigning event: PGP/GPG key list published

As announced earlier, there will be a keysigning event at FOSDEM 2007.

Participants in the PGP/GPG keysigning event can now download the list of keys.

For further information, please see the keysigning information page.

Last interviews: start the countdown

Only sevens days left until FOSDEM 2007... Time to read up on our last speakers: Simon Phipps on Java and free software, Jeremy Allison about Samba 4, Keith Packard on, Miguel De Icaza about Mono, Paul Everitt about Plone and Zope, and Pete Herzog on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual.

Interviews: software patents, security, JBoss and the missing Firebug

To ease the pain of missing Joe Hewitt's talk about Firebug, you can read all about it in his interview.

Other interesting interviews today are those about freedom and software patents by both Georg Greve (FSFE) and Pieter Hintjens (FFII); Tom Baeyens about JBoss jBPM, and H.D. Moore about security and the Metasploit framework.

LPI adds MySQL 5.0 certification exams

LPI will also offer FOSDEM visitors to pass the MySQL 5.0 certification exams (administrator and developer) (Developer I and II, DBA I and II) at €85,-, which is a 50% discount.

Click below for further details about registration.

Web track: s/Firebug/Drupal/

Unfortunately, Joe Hewitt is hindered and will not be able to make it to FOSDEM for his main track talk about Firebug.

But we already arranged another high profile speaker: Dries Buytaert is so kind to jump in and do a talk about Drupal!
Thanks Dries :)

More DevRoom schedules: Jabber and Python

Two more Developer Room schedules are online:

CrossDesktop Developer Room

GNOME and KDE will share a set of talks about desktop interoperability, common projects and topics in a "CrossDesktop" developer room on Sunday morning.

The schedule is available here.

The sessions will be held in GNOME's room while during that time, a workshop about free educational software will be held in KDE's room.

Mozilla Europe supports FOSDEM

From the start, FOSDEM has been organized to help Free and Open Source software developers meet and exchange ideas.
It has been a big satisfaction to see Mozilla Europe taking up on this opportunity since 2002.

The feeling appears mutual because this year, Mozilla Europe is supporting FOSDEM financially. The fact that this is Mozilla Europe's own initiative, with no strings attached, makes it even more appreciated.

A big thanks to Mozilla Europe !

Second batch of interviews

Let's hope you're hungry for some more interesting interviews. Here are:

More developer room schedules

Almost all Developer Room schedules are now online.

The following schedules have been added today:

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