Donation return gifts

The complete list of donation return gifts is now available, on

Donating some money to FOSDEM helps to keep the event alive and kicking!

First developer room schedules available

The first Developer Room schedules are online:

More to come, stay tuned.

Call for volunteers

During the FOSDEM weekend we'll welcome several thousand visitors, requiring a lot of volunteers to make their visit as nice as we can. Are you interested in helping out?

Enjoy the first interviews

With 23 days left before the event, today we publish the first batch of interviews with our speakers.

We bring you keynote speaker Jim Gettys of the One Laptop Per Child project, ReactOS project leader Aleksey Bragin, GNOME developer and profiling enthusiast Federico Mena-Quintero, and last but not least Øyvind Kolås (who has been doing so much GEGL releases lately that his interview is probably outdated before you've read it).

LPI Level 3 exams at FOSDEM

At FOSDEM 2007 for the first time worldwide after the launch of the new program, all visitors have the opportunity to take a paper based LPI Level 3 exam.

The price for FOSDEM attendants will be € 60,- (that's more than a 60% discount) for both 301 and 302, both only in English like the others. This is a special low price for the introduction of the new exams, later the price will be higher.

List of Lightning Talks online

Some time ago we made a Call-For-Lightning Talks. There was a massive response and we had to refuse some people, because of the lack of available timeslots.
We are very proud to offer you 28 speakers with just as much varied, interesting subjects. Don't hesitate to click on the title of the talk or on the speaker's name, as it contains a short description and photo.

See more in our list of Lightning Talks

How to promote FOSDEM

Like previous editions there is a flyer you can print and distribute. We usually print 2 flyers on one A4-format page. Some good ideas of places to spam are:

  • Computer store
  • Geek friends and fellow hackers
  • University and school
  • At work (yes yes, don't be shy)
  • Hang one on your car
  • ...

Low resolution - (413x585) 164 KB:
High resolution - (2480x3508) 1.2 MB:
PDF/Vector - 1.2 MB :

Donate to FOSDEM

We're asking you to support the event by making a voluntary donation.
As a return to donators, various prizes will be given by us and our sponsors.
Amongst them:

Closing keynote by Georg Greve

FSFE's Georg Greve will do this year's Closing Keynote, on the topic of "Beyond GPLv3: Free Software today and tomorrow".

LPI Certification Exams at FOSDEM

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) gives visitors the opportunity of doing LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams at FOSDEM again, at a 50% rebate off the official rate.
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