More DevRoom schedules: Jabber and Python

Two more Developer Room schedules are online:

CrossDesktop Developer Room

GNOME and KDE will share a set of talks about desktop interoperability, common projects and topics in a "CrossDesktop" developer room on Sunday morning.

The schedule is available here.

The sessions will be held in GNOME's room while during that time, a workshop about free educational software will be held in KDE's room.

First developer room schedules available

The first Developer Room schedules are online:

More to come, stay tuned.

Devrooms list online

Have a look at the list of devrooms that will be present at FOSDEM 2007. It's located in the left menu under the tracks item.

You will notice that there isn't yet a shedule for the rooms. That one will appear around January.

Stands/Booths all full

We just had the confirmation that the Stands/Booths (those tables in the hallway with many many people looking and discussing) are now assigned to different projects. We will soon post the names and probably a map of the different stands.

The 'Main Tracks' team is also working hard to invite key-speakers about very-very interesting projects. This year there will be 2 parallel tracks with main talks. These talks will be located in the two biggest rooms of the ULB Campus.

We will post a news-item when we've published the names of the speakers.

See you soon at FOSDEM 2007!

Developer Room Plan

Room Capacity Project Project's FOSDEM page
H2215288 lightning talks
H1301200 KDE
H1302200 GNOME GNOME's FOSDEM2007 page
H1308150 openSUSE
H1309150 Mozilla
H2213100 GNU Classpath + OpenJDK DevJam Java/DevJam/2007/Fosdem
H2214100 CentOS + Fedora CentOS' FOSDEM2007 page | Fedora's FOSDEM2007 page
AW1.10548 Jabber
AW1.11531 OpenGroupware + GNUstep
AW1.11731 Python
AW1.12074 Research Room
AW1.12459 Gentoo
AW1.12576 Debian Debian's FOSDEM 2007 page
AW1.12672 Embedded Software Development
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