Keysigning party at FOSDEM 2007

Like previous years, there will be a keysigning party at FOSDEM 2007.

CAcert Signing

TODO for visitors
  • If you can (you'll have less work later on), first go to the CAcert website to register.
  • Once logged in on the site, you'll find a "CAcert Web of Trust" menu. Click on that title to open the menu and download the personal "A4 - WoT Form". I recommend you to print approx 20-40 sheets of this document. as it will enable you to be signed by other people too. You need more as just one Assurance in order to have your name on the certificate or even become an Assurer yourself and help to establish the web of trust. You should also do this if you are already assurer, so that cross signatures are possible.
  • Take 2 official proofs of identity. (eg: ID-card, drivers-licence, passport,...).
The proceedings for the signing are simple.
We make 1 line, Assurers will sit (floor/seat), visitors willing to be assured will pass and show their identity papers. Papers will be signed.

More information
Introduction to the CAcert Assurance Program

GPG/PGP Keysigning

Submission is now closed. If you submitted your key previously, you should be in the list. You must now:

  • Download the list of keys.
  • Verify that your key fingerprint is correct. It should be; but if it isn't, see below.
  • Print the list of keys.
  • Calculate the checksums, as detailed in the list, and fill them in on the designated spots.
  • Don't forget to bring the list and some proof of ID to the key signing party next week.

If you do not have your own list of keys with your own checksums, then you will not be able to participate in the keysigning party!

What to do if your key is listed incorrectly, or you were too late to submit your key?

First, contact Wouter. If there are many problems with the list, there may be an update. Don't count on it though. The list was prepared carefully.

Next, you may bring paper slips with key fingerprints. Be sure to bring enough of them. There isn't much time, so it must all run smoothly. For that reason, copying the fingerprint with a pen and a piece of paper will not be allowed. If you run out of fingerprint slips, tough.

At the keysigning party, we will then go through the following procedure:

  • We will read out both checksums, so that everyone can verify that their file is the exact same as everyone else's.
  • Next, we will line up and compare identity information against key identity information, as in a usual key signing party.

We'll be using this procedure because it is much faster than the one in which each and every key is checked manually; however, because of the trust link to the list of keys that is required in this scenario, we cannot print out a list of keys for participants, as was the case in previous years. You must bring one yourself, and calculate the checksums.

See for the schedule of the keysigning session