Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Carlo Piana

Photo of Carlo Piana

With 25+ years experience in IT, has been advising on FOSS for more than 15 years. Former GC to FSFE, he's been counsel for FSFE and the Samba Team in the Antitrust litigation against Microsoft for the workgroup servers protocols. Vocal against software patents, has been at the forefront of the OOXML ordeal in Europe. Now serves in the IP&OS advisory of UNTIL (United Nations' innovation labs), he's partner of Openchain in Italy (contributing its Italian translation) and he is Editor with Journal of Open Law, Technology, Society.


Title Day Room Track Start End
OpenChain upfront: OpenHarmony was born this way
Legal compliance and Openchain conformance for a new operating system. Challenges and lessons
Saturday D.openchain OpenChain 13:15 14:00
The first AGPL compliance case settled in an Italian Court: a tale of compliance, license compatibility and source code availability Sunday Legal and Policy Issues 16:00 17:00