Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Albert Yumol

Photo of Albert Yumol

Bash is a machine learning engineer and a data solutions practitioner based in the Philippines promoting data driven and evidence based solutions to various industries and companies. He has 8++ years experience with Data Science using open source tools both in academic research and industry applications. He is an advocate for using technology to promote social development and nationalism and also teaches data science and its applications focusing on human centered design and data ethics.

First and foremost, loves code, numbers, robots, and magic.

The first time he got to use a Linux OS in Raspberry Pi was the time that he got hooked with number theory and Harry Potter. His analogy for writing code is that it’s like a list of incantations in a spell book that you have to play around and execute (gracefully) to produce a desired output - a solution.

He specializes in data, its architecture, its analytics, and its human aspect (ethics). He applies concepts in statistics, mathematics, and physics in conjunction with programming tools to understand complex dynamics of data. He is well-versed in supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms for industry and research applications. On the side, he teaches data science in a bootcamp company based in the Philippines called Eskwelabs and spearhead a curriculum on data ethics and human centered design. He believes in the potential of technology for advancing social good and impact.



Title Day Room Track Start End
OpenStreetMap Features as Proxy to Socio-Economic Indicators: A Network Theory Approach Saturday D.research Open Research Tools and Technologies 10:00 10:25
Different Approches in Pedagogy in Teaching Data Science with Python Sunday D.python Python 10:00 10:30