Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2019


20 Schedule Amendments

Event Speakers Room Day Start End

Lightning Talks (2)

AMENDMENT The brief case for User-space Network Stacks (DPDK and friends)
The case for DPDK, VPP, Snabb, F-Stack and friends.
Ray Kinsella H.2215 (Ferrer) Saturday 18:40 18:55
AMENDMENT Theo: The Authorized Keys Manager
How to manage easily and securely ssh accesses to your servers
Michele Azzolari H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 14:00 14:15

Miscellaneous (1)

AMENDMENT Handling Security Flaws in an Open Source Project - Jeremy Allison K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Saturday 13:00 13:50

Storage (1)

AMENDMENT Data services in a hybrid cloud world with Ceph
Making data as portable as your stateless microservices
Sage Weil H.2215 (Ferrer) Sunday 09:00 09:50

Blockchain and Crypto Currencies devroom (1)

CANCELLED Best Practices for Building Scalable Blockchain Applications Girish Nuli H.1302 (Depage) Sunday 09:00 09:40

Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications devroom (2)

AMENDMENT Who needs to know? Private-by-design collaboration Ludovic Dubost UD2.119 Saturday 15:25 15:45
AMENDMENT XWiki: a collaborative apps development platform
Build applications incrementally on top of XWiki rather than coding them from scratch
Anca Luca UD2.119 Saturday 17:05 17:40

Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom (1)

CANCELLED Open and federated identities with ID4me
An alternative to "sign in with Facebook"
Vittorio Bertola UD2.218A Saturday 10:30 11:00

Distributions devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Packaging for Mageia Linux with Docker containers Bruno Cornec K.3.401 Sunday 09:00 09:50

Graphics devroom (1)

AMENDMENT HDMI CEC: A Status Update Hans Verkuil K.4.401 Saturday 14:00 14:25

Graph Processing devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Introduction of OSS Weaviate, the Decentralised Knowledge Graph
What is a decentralised knowledge graph and what is the contextionary that powers it?
Etienne Dilocker H.1308 (Rolin) Saturday 10:30 11:10

Hardware Enablement devroom (1)

AMENDMENT CI/CD for embedded development with an ESP8266, Arduino-cli, Gitlab-ci, Raspberry Pi, and Kubernetes
Blink a LED with gitlab-ci and arduino-cli
Benjamin Henrion (zoobab) K.4.401 Sunday 12:30 13:00

Javascript devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Free Open Source Corporate JavaScript Stacks
2nd Generation JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries
Geertjan Wielenga H.1308 (Rolin) Sunday 12:00 12:25

Microkernels and Component-based OS devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Microkernel lightning talks Jakub Jermář, Norman Feske AW1.121 Sunday 15:25 15:55

MySQL, MariaDB and Friends devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Un-split brain (aka Move Back in Time) MySQL Shlomi Noach H.1301 (Cornil) Saturday 11:40 12:00

.NET and TypeScript devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Retro.NET - .NET for building Console Applications Miguel De Icaza K.3.201 Saturday 12:30 12:45

PHP & Friends devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Async PHP Requests & Reactive Responses with PHP-FPM Holger Woltersdorf K.4.601 Saturday 18:30 19:00

PostgreSQL devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Around the world with Postgres extensions Craig Kerstiens UA2.220 (Guillissen) Sunday 10:00 10:50

Retrocomputing devroom (1)

AMENDMENT Open source projects at Silicium retrocomputing association
A french non-profit organization for the preservation of videogame and computer heritage
Benoît Triquet, Rene Speranza K.4.601 Saturday 11:05 11:50

Search devroom (1)

CANCELLED Full-text Search Tips and Tricks Denis Wilson Souza Rosa K.3.201 Sunday 16:00 16:50

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