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Mario Sánchez Prada

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
WebKitGTK+ status and roadmap to WebKit2 CrossDesktop Devroom Sunday H.1308 15:00 00:40

Mario is a Computer Engineer and a partner of Igalia, an European Free
Software and Open Source consultancy company, which he started working
at six years ago, back in February 2006.

Since early 2010, he joined the WebKit team inside Igalia to work on
improving the accessibility support in WebKitGTK+ using the AT-SPI
interfaces and the ATK library, so Assistive Technologies (ATs) like
Orca (GNOME's screen reader) to access the information exposed through
WebKitGTK+ based applications.

Nowadays, Mario devotes most of his time to make WebKit2GTK+ (the port
of WebKit2 for GTK+) provide accessibility support, which is an
interesting challenge due to the multi-process architecture of WebKit2.

Other than work related stuff, Mario loves photography, music and
spending some quality time with his family whenever it's possible.
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