FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.


Track: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

Event Speaker Room When Media
FOSDEM: Lightning Opening Talk Tias Guns Ferrer Sat 13:00-13:15
LiMux: 5 years on the way to free software in Munich Florian Schiessl Ferrer Sat 13:20-13:35
CiviCRM: Common goals of FOSS and Not For Profit Organisations Xavier DUTOIT Ferrer Sat 13:40-13:55 The Platform, an Introduction and Overview Steven Lamerton Ferrer Sat 14:00-14:15
OpenPCF: An Open Provisioning and Control Framework Rubin Simons Ferrer Sat 14:20-14:35
GNU Savannah: 100% free software mass-hosting Sylvain Beucler Ferrer Sat 14:40-14:55
Qi Hardware's Ben NanoNote: open to the bone device David Reyes Samblas Martinez Ferrer Sat 15:00-15:15
tinc: the difficulties of a peer-to-peer VPN on the hostile Internet Guus Sliepen Ferrer Sat 15:20-15:35
Beernet: Building peer-to-peer systems with transactional replicated storage Boriss Mejias Ferrer Sat 15:40-15:55
SIP Communicator: Skype-like conf calls with SIP Communicator Emil Ivov Ferrer Sat 16:00-16:15
Kamailio (OpenSER) 3.0.0: redefinition of SIP server Daniel-Constantin Mierla Ferrer Sat 16:20-16:35
asterisk: An introduction to Asterisk Development Mark Michelson Ferrer Sat 16:40-16:55
csync: Roaming Home Directories Andreas Schneider Ferrer Sat 17:00-17:15
Faban: Developing benchmarks and workloads using Faban 1.0 Amanda Waite Ferrer Sat 17:20-17:35
shadowcircle: a pentesting distribution alternative clement Game Ferrer Sat 17:40-17:55
SyncEvolution: From the SyncML Protocol to Free and Open Implementations Patrick Ohly Ferrer Sat 18:00-18:15
GeeXboX: An Introduction to Enna Media Center Benjamin Zores Ferrer Sat 18:20-18:35
Uzbl: A webbrowser which adheres to the unix philosophy Dieter Plaetinck Ferrer Sat 18:40-18:55
Kerrighed: Flexible distributed checkpoint/restart Matthieu Fertre Ferrer Sun 10:00-10:15
Apache ACE: distributing software components Marcel Offermans Ferrer Sun 10:20-10:35
Cloudlets: universal server images for the cloud Solomon Hykes Ferrer Sun 10:40-10:55
Wt::Dbo: a C++ ORM (Object Relational Mapping) library Koen Deforche Ferrer Sun 11:00-11:15
OpenERP: Design applicactions with OpenObject in minutes Fabien Pinckaers Ferrer Sun 11:20-11:35
CAcert: Client-certificates and SSO - the old-new thing Ian Grigg Ferrer Sun 11:40-11:55
Open-source software: Blaming the unknown, or a constructive approach to technology Giuseppe Maxia Ferrer Sun 14:00-14:15 Customizing schoolbooks the free software way Salve Nilsen Ferrer Sun 14:20-14:35
The Wiki for Open Technologies: How to share your projects and knowledge Oscar Puyal Ferrer Sun 14:40-14:55
QuBit: Introducing Quantum Superpositions Steven Goodwin Ferrer Sun 15:00-15:15
Padre, the Perl IDE: Building an open source team, getting the project to users against the odds Gabor Szabo Ferrer Sun 15:20-15:35
Coccinelle: Finding bugs in open source systems code Julia Lawall Ferrer Sun 15:40-15:55
UmlCanvas: bringing UML diagrams to the web Christophe Van Ginneken Ferrer Sun 16:00-16:15
jpoker: a pure javascript poker client Johan Euphrosine Ferrer Sun 16:20-16:35