FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.



Web of Trust

PGP public key and CAcert certificate identification are based on multiple (the more the better) people doing an identification check against official identity documents such as driving permits, passports, national identity cards, etc.: the Web of Trustworthy. The Web of Trust is a reciprocal process: people identify themselves to each other.

The "keysigning party" is essential to strengthen the Web of Trust and keep the security technique open and freely available.

Like previous years, there will be a PGP key signing and CAcert assurance party at FOSDEM 2010.

PGP Keysigning

If you are participating in the keysigning party, you may have missed the master hashes when they were briefly projected in room Ferrer. Just in case, the hashes are:

ksp-fosdem2010.txt:    MD5 = 0A BD 7F 09 8C B2 E6 1C  75 01 31 25 51 99 1D B8
ksp-fosdem2010.txt:   SHA1 = AB92 BE62 9F05 036E 05E0  4E0D 616B EC4B C5F4 C9F1
ksp-fosdem2010.txt: RMD160 = B375 62AF 45CA 4005 492F  381B CBE5 3A4F 5F4A 5144
ksp-fosdem2010.txt: SHA224 = 2086648F 29618ACD E2E00048 7070092E 9F774138
                             3AC8EB60 8A323911
ksp-fosdem2010.txt: SHA256 = CC6B3155 5E0E9909 370E63B4 986F18B7 68ACE1BA
                             2F1EC6D3 2A9C2884 6E66CA92
ksp-fosdem2010.txt: SHA384 = E4AE7D58 9D1ED7B4 CC000186 547FF529 BCDAFBD4
                             F927713E 5EFD329F 958535A2 DEC32BCE 7B154B0F
                             7A82A015 18B2A3E4
ksp-fosdem2010.txt: SHA512 = 565D49CC 12FC577C C3FD8EAD A0E72BFA 34277F7D
                             600F8E1E 9455D654 69D6404E CE82724D 7EE8B2FC
                             A71EA3E7 2F9F6AB0 584BDACD FA439347 1FA31E92

Alternatively, if you don't trust https/pki/cacert/..., and there is a trust path between your PGP key and Philip's, you can find the hashes on and their detached signature on

CAcert Assurance

To participate in the CAcert assurance program, you need to register an account on the CAcert website and download the CAcert Certificate Assurance Programme (CAP) form.

You will need a completed form for every assurance. It is recommended to bring at least ten printed forms with you.

The Keysigning will take place on Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00 in room Ferrer