FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.

Roland Bouman
Day Sunday
Room AW1.121
Start time 15:45
End time 16:15
Duration 00:30
Event type Podium
Track MySQL
Language English
Refactoring Stored Routines

Although MySQL stored routines have their drawbacks, especially performance-wise, they still have their use. However, there are many things that can go wrong, and in many cases, observing a few principles, and adopting a few coding habits can have huge benefits for performance and maintainability of your stored routines.

In this presentation, I will present a few cases and perform a few stepwise improvements to refactor the stored routine. Benchmarks are presented to show how each change improves performance.