FOSDEM '10 is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.



Capacity: 81 seats

Saturday 2010-02-06
When Track Event Speaker
13:00-13:15 PostgreSQL Welcome to the PostgreSQL devroom Andreas Scherbaum
13:15-14:00 PostgreSQL Developments in PostgreSQL 9.0 Dave Page
14:15-15:00 PostgreSQL Streaming replication under the hood Heikki Linnakangas
15:15-16:00 PostgreSQL Hot Standby Live Simon Riggs
16:15-17:00 PostgreSQL Beyond UNIQUE: Exclusion constraints in PostgreSQL 9.0 Magnus Hagander
17:15-18:00 PostgreSQL PostgreSQL at the Heart of the Basel Zoo POS Marc Balmer
18:15-19:00 PostgreSQL Most Wanted: Future PostgreSQL Features Peter Eisentraut
Sunday 2010-02-07
When Track Event Speaker
09:15-09:45 MySQL State of phpMyAdmin Marc Delisle
09:45-10:15 MySQL Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL Piotr Biel
10:15-10:45 MySQL Beyond MySQL GA: patches, storage engines, forks, and pre-releases Kristian Nielsen
10:45-11:15 MySQL Drizzle, A MySQL fork for the Web David Axmark
11:15-11:45 MySQL Galera Replication for MySQL Seppo Jaakola
11:45-12:15 MySQL Daily maintenance of big databases/tables Frédéric Descamps
12:15-12:45 MySQL Sharding for the masses Giuseppe Maxia
13:15-13:45 MySQL Effective SSD for your Database - a PBXT Primer Vladimir Kolesnikov
13:45-14:15 MySQL 10x performance improvements - A case study Ronald Bradford
14:15-14:45 MySQL Correcting replication data drift with Maatkit Stéphane Combaudon
14:45-15:15 MySQL MySQL and Python: an overview Geert Vanderkelen
15:15-15:45 MySQL MySQL HA overview Kris Buytaert
15:45-16:15 MySQL Refactoring Stored Routines Roland Bouman
16:15-16:45 MySQL Gearman for MySQL Giuseppe Maxia