LPI Level 3 exams at FOSDEM

At FOSDEM 2007 for the first time worldwide after the launch of the new program, all visitors have the opportunity to take a paper based LPI Level 3 exam.

The LPIC-3 certification program consists of a single "core" exam (LPI 301) which focuses on skills in authentication, troubleshooting, network integration and capacity planning.
This "core" certification can be supplemented by additional "speciality" certifications: the first "speciality" certification will be LPI-302 "Mixed Environments".
Detailed information on the LPIC-3 program, exam objectives, tasks and sample questions can be found at http://www.lpi.org/lpic-3

The price for FOSDEM attendants will be € 60,- (that's more than a 60% discount) for both 301 and 302, both only in English like the others. This is a special low price for the introduction of the new exams, later the price will be higher.

Further details about taking LPI exams at FOSDEM is available here: http://fosdem.org/2007/lpi