Press & Promotional

Call for volunteers

During the FOSDEM weekend we'll welcome several thousand visitors, requiring a lot of volunteers to make their visit as nice as we can. Are you interested in helping out?

How to promote FOSDEM

Like previous editions there is a flyer you can print and distribute. We usually print 2 flyers on one A4-format page. Some good ideas of places to spam are:

  • Computer store
  • Geek friends and fellow hackers
  • University and school
  • At work (yes yes, don't be shy)
  • Hang one on your car
  • ...

Low resolution - (413x585) 164 KB:
High resolution - (2480x3508) 1.2 MB:
PDF/Vector - 1.2 MB :

Donate to FOSDEM

We're asking you to support the event by making a voluntary donation.
As a return to donators, various prizes will be given by us and our sponsors.
Amongst them:

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