Interview: Jim Gettys

Keynote speaker Jim Gettys informs us about the current state of the OLPC laptop hardware and the huge scale of the educational project that it represents.

Interview: Aleksey Bragin

Aleksey Bragin speaks about ReactOS and the intellectual property minefield in which it moves about. He also reveals his personal taste in desktop operating systems.

Interview: Federico Mena-Quintero

GNOME developer Federico Mena Quintero talks about profiling and optimizing destkop applications and software in general. He shares his views on high-level programming languages, the future of Gnome, and cross-project cooperation in the FOSS world.

Interview: Øyvind Kolås

Øyvind Kolås discusses the history and internals of GEGL. He also shares his views on innovative user interfaces, image formates and... Lord Of The Rings fandom.

Andrew Morton at FOSDEM 2007

It has just been confirmed that Andrew Morton will be one of the speakers at FOSDEM 2007.

Mr. Morton is the lead maintainer of the 2.6 Linux kernel branch, and as such decides which code is included in each kernel release. He's currently employed by Google, and was previously at the Open Source Development Labs.

As you might have guessed, his talk fits nicely into our kernel track.

Announcing some more speakers

In our schedule, you can now see a (preliminary) list of speakers at FOSDEM 2007.

FOSDEM 2007 will consist of 7 tracks, covering security, desktop applications, development, kernel, web and internet services. Keynote speaker for this edition is Jim Gettys, Vice President of Software at the One Laptop per Child project.

The new topics that we can announce today are: Samba (Jeremy Allison), gcc (Jim Blandy), Mono (Miguel de Icaza), LinuxBIOS (Ronald G Minnich), Java (Simon Phipps), JBoss (Tom Baeyens), Firebug (Joe Hewitt), and desktop application profiling techniques (Federico Mena-Quintero).

Stay tuned for more schedule updates, and don't forget to mark 2007-02-24 / 2007-02-25 in your calendar!

Some FOSDEM speakers revealed

We are proud to announce the first list of speakers that will be present at the FOSDEM 2007 Conference, Brussels (Belgium).

First of all Jim Gettys, the Vice President of Software at OLPC, will speak about the One Laptop Per Child project during either the keynote or the closing talk.

In the Desktop Applications track you will be able to hear Øyvind Kolås tell something about Gimp GEGL (GEneric Graphics Library).
Kristian Høgsberg will introduce you to the eye-candy of Aiglx.

On the Security side we are glad to have H D Moore. He will have a talk about the Metasploit Framework.

With ReactOS celebrating his 10th birthday, we couldn't resist to invite Aleksey Bragin for the Kernels track.

A last thing I am allowed to tell today, is that Jabber will be present on the Internet Services track with Peter Saint-Andre as a speaker.

Soon, more info is coming... Keep an eye on the site,
and see you soon at FOSDEM 2007, 24&25th February, Brussels/Belgium.
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