Interview: Pieter Hintjens

President of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) shares his views and aspirations on the issue of software patents.

Interviews: software patents, security, JBoss and the missing Firebug

To ease the pain of missing Joe Hewitt's talk about Firebug, you can read all about it in his interview.

Other interesting interviews today are those about freedom and software patents by both Georg Greve (FSFE) and Pieter Hintjens (FFII); Tom Baeyens about JBoss jBPM, and H.D. Moore about security and the Metasploit framework.

Interview: Pete Herzog

Learn from Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual leader Peter Herzog all about security and security testing, and the wonderful world of methodologies.

Second batch of interviews

Let's hope you're hungry for some more interesting interviews. Here are:

Interview: Kristian Høgsberg

Red Hat developer Kristian Høgsberg talks about AIGLX, Xgl, graphics drivers and... FireWire.

Interview: Ronald G Minnich

Ronald Minnich explains why we need free BIOS code, with the One Laptop Per Child as an example. He tells about his experiences with hardware vendors, and reveals why he thinks that EFI BIOSes are a threat to security.

Interview: Peter Saint-Andre

Learn for Peter Saint-Andre himself about the Jabber community at large, and about the difference between Jabber and XMPP.

Interview: Kern Sibbald

Bacula project leader (and, therefore, backup enthusiast) Kern Sibbald details the history and future of the Bacula project.

Interview: Andrew Morton

Linux 2.6 maintainer Andrew Morton gives his views on the current state of the Linux kernel, and peeks a bit ahead into the future. In addition, he tells why Google's Linux kernel version is... "nothing magical".

Enjoy the first interviews

With 23 days left before the event, today we publish the first batch of interviews with our speakers.

We bring you keynote speaker Jim Gettys of the One Laptop Per Child project, ReactOS project leader Aleksey Bragin, GNOME developer and profiling enthusiast Federico Mena-Quintero, and last but not least Øyvind Kolås (who has been doing so much GEGL releases lately that his interview is probably outdated before you've read it).

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