Announcing some more speakers

In our schedule, you can now see a (preliminary) list of speakers at FOSDEM 2007.

FOSDEM 2007 will consist of 7 tracks, covering security, desktop applications, development, kernel, web and internet services. Keynote speaker for this edition is Jim Gettys, Vice President of Software at the One Laptop per Child project.

The new topics that we can announce today are: Samba (Jeremy Allison), gcc (Jim Blandy), Mono (Miguel de Icaza), LinuxBIOS (Ronald G Minnich), Java (Simon Phipps), JBoss (Tom Baeyens), Firebug (Joe Hewitt), and desktop application profiling techniques (Federico Mena-Quintero).

Stay tuned for more schedule updates, and don't forget to mark 2007-02-24 / 2007-02-25 in your calendar!