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2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting

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[ 03-03-2005 ]
FOSDEM 2005 is over

FOSDEM 2005 is now over. It was a big success, with many developers and talks, and a broad audience estimated to 3.000 - 3.500 people. We would like to thank all people involved in this big success, all those of you who have helped, who have donated, who have been present at the event. If you want to help us to improve it, feel free to send your feedback.

We are now on the road to FOSDEM 2006 ...

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[ 25-02-2005 ]
Pre-FOSDEM party

The party is taking place at Le Roy d'Espagne at the Grand Place.
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[ 22-02-2005 ]
Latest interviews

FOSDEM 2005 will take place this Week-End in Brussels, Belgium. FOSDEM will feature a serie of talks and tutorials from authors and maintainers of several major Free Software projects. Several projects have also decided to hold a meeting during FOSDEM and will do several presentations in developers' rooms. Notice also that the Free Software Award ceremony will take place during the FOSDEM, as well as a key signing party.
Entrance and participation are free, but if you want FOSDEM to continue growing, don't hesitate to make a donation.

Interview of Stuart Winter
Interview of Alan Cox
Interview of Ethan Galstad
Interview of Marius Mauch
Interview of Gerald Combs
Interview of Olle Mulmo
Interview of Jimmy Jimbo Wales

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[ 18-02-2005 ]

The final schedule is now available with official talks, lightning talks, developers's room and LPI exams. You can also check developers's room internal schedule.

If you want to support us, you can still do it ... don't forget to send us an email if you support us with 50 or more and want to come to our famous saturday buffet party !
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[ 16-02-2005 ]
Demonstration against software patents in Brussels

The FFII, which will hold a stand during the next FOSDEM, organises a demonstration against software patents in Brussels on thursday 17th february 2005. Although FOSDEM wants to stay away from any political involvement, we think it is important to support their action, and we encourage you to be present at the demonstration, if you want to continue what you enjoy the most : code and share your code freely.

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