Online / 6 & 7 February 2021


Raul Hernandez Lopez

Raul would like to introduce himself as a continuous learner apart from being an experienced Software Engineer (currently at Twitter), specialized on the Android platform & the Kotlin language.

Moreover, he's a public speaker when gets the chance for it, so far he's participated like an international speaker in different events over the years. In addition to that, he writes some articles, typically not technical at the end of the year to summarize the past year and technical ones too.

He's originally from Valencia (Spain), where they use to love paella and horchata, nowadays he's living, working (from home) in London (UK) but he'd also lived/worked in Antwerp (Belgium) for almost 1 year and a half.

He loves travelling when he can, listening music metal/rock gigs, reading tech/no-tech books, hanging out with friends, a very cold beer or running sometimes.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Getting ready for Declarative UIs with Unidirectional Data Flow using Kotlin Coroutines
Unidirectional Data Flow in action: suspend functions, Flow & StateFlow to make our Reactive apps prepared for Declarative UIs.
Sunday D.kotlin Kotlin 16:40 17:25